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  1. tangovictor, the funny thing at auctions is A car that retails at £2500 sells in hall for £2200 pluss fees + delivery. so even when i stop bidding at £1500. there are other big traders who keep taking it up. My trade insurance is due for renewle mid april. I really do not feel like renewing.
  2. is it possible to find cars at good price from bca catalgue with buy it now option after becoming gold member ?
  3. thanks for replies and advice. The cars I purchase are in the range of £1000 to £2500 . Golfs mark4, Vauxhall Astra, Peugeot 308cc, Ford focus. Main cause of loss is too many bidders and auction fees plus delivery. I understand for BCA Gold members it is possible to simply buy cars from catalogue before it goes into auction. Would you all suggest thats beneficial ? Also please give advice is dealerauction.com a genuine site ? only reason I have done part time is because of shortage of right stock supplier. Once I find right source I am willing to give it my all.
  4. I have been in motor trade for 2 years on part-time basis. I cannot seem to find right source of stock. i registered with bca auctions. their stock sells at retail price in auction hall then with buying fees and delivery it leaves no margin for profitnat all. I purchased 4 cars from bca on silver card and sold all 4 of them in Losses of £200 to £500. Manheim is also the same . The only Few cars I made profit on were bought from private sellers for which I had to travel 100s of miles. I have only been able to cover my losses and expenses in past 2 years. I would realy appreciate anyone could point me in right direction.I want to become full time trader once a right source of stock is found. Hope to hear from genuine traders.