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  1. Does anyone have a template for a sale or return agreement they would mind sharing? If so, please drop me a PM. Thanks James
  2. JDM1983

    Mr Bob

    Unless the car is an insurance write off, why would they know? Traders don’t dismantle every car in stock just to check!
  3. I use Scholl Concepts S30 black, it’s a one step compound so it’s cuts out swirl marks etc, but also leaves a polished finish. It’s a great product, easy to apply, easy to remove, and one pass of the car is good enough - unless your selling top end stuff and need perfection. It’s quite expensive, but you don’t need much per car.
  4. Bought one online from Nottingham this week. Paid at the desk, women said are you ready to collect it now? I said yes and she radioed the guys outside, by the time I got out the car had been pulled up to the gate, and someone handed me the keys! Every time I buy at Blackbush it’s a nightmare to get the car out!
  5. For 420k an hour I’d do a lot of things
  6. These people must be thick as shit, sending architectural plans to car dealers through AutoTrader, if that doesn’t ring a bell what does?
  7. 4 cars at a time, selling 10 a month? Manages to find, prep, and sell those 10 cars in spare time? I struggle with 3 a month along side my day job. Either you are superman, or talking shit. I’m guessing it’s the latter
  8. Merry Christmas everyone, have a good one, and if you don’t like Xmas, alcohol is your friend
  9. What sort of sill damage are you talking about. Is this something he could done to the car in his possession?
  10. This. Trouble I’m having at this time of year though is people phone, but don’t want to come weekdays after work cos it’s dark. Which means it’s predominantly weekends, and those that can’t wait are going elsewhere
  11. I got her a quote for a Parrott fitted, even with that the 1.2 was £500 cheaper than the Ecoboost, go figure.
  12. Well, despite my best advice, she went for the Ecoboost over the 1.2, simply because it had Bluetooth