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  1. I think Pendragon and Cazoo are chasing the wrong things, I can not understand why they are not looking at opening their own Auctions especially Pendragon as they already have a supply of cars. If i were either of them thats where my attention would be focused as it seem a better business model then retailing cars. If you build it they will come.
  2. From a totally selfish point of vIew I hope the government does not do a scrapage scheme, the market I am in, it is detrimental to my own business and I was around during the last scrapage scheme and it did cost me business. A lot of franchises are zombie business and maybe some of them should be allowed to fold and then hopefully the ones left will have a more profitable and sustainable business, we are maybe seeing this now with manufactors culling franchises. with the exception of grant I have had recently just like lots of others nobody has come running to my rescue when the going gets tough and I have worked through a couple of recessions already not including the one that's hitting/hit us now.
  3. I think this depends a little at what ends of the market you are working at and if you are not careful you will just slash prices for the sake of it when there will be no need. i think there may be a slight dip initially with dealers holding back and seeing what's happening but realistically I think supply won't be great. There will be what's sitting at the auctions now ready to go but it will take a while for the main dealers to get back up to speed with the part exchanges coming through which means supply will be low initially which I think will help prices. i have been in the game a while and have worked through a couple of recessions and if you are not careful you will talk yourself into working for nothing and we carried on selling through them profitably. just keep an eye on the auction prices and if they start nudging down just be mindful deal your self out of what you have when you can, and restock at reduced prices. i for one will not be slashing prices from the word go.
  4. I'd say good luck to them, you must remember as a private buyer you can walk into a bca auction and just buy without proving anything, as long as you have the money you are good to go.
  5. I think people should be tackFull how they handle this or they may find it comes back to haunt you at a later date
  6. If you can afford to pay i think its far you pay, if you genuinely can not afford it i would say talk to the landlord and try and come to an agreement. I reckon there will be quite a few people out there trying to twist this to there advantage, i have a few rentals and if someone demonstrates to me they can not afford to pay i am more then happy to come to an agreement but if i were to find out that they could not show they are experiencing hardship because of this i would take a completely different view on it. I think people are getting the impression they can get out of paying things when really they are only delaying things, what the government have done is slightly delay the eviction process, but the landlord will get you there eventually if he wishes. I would keep everything as amicable as possible.
  7. I can’t see them selling 20000 cars in 3 months, i thought they had a stock of approx 2000 vehicles, something’s not right there and they certainly are not cheap.
  8. I do feel sorry for them, but it is the criminals just exploiting people's greed and just shows if it looks to good to me true it normally is.
  9. I am hoping somebody could point me in the right direction, i know a few of you cover the number plates up when taking your pictures with a number plate advertising your company and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of where to source these, I know i could just get a plate just made up, but want something that just clips on and off, minimal effort and all that. Many thanks in advance.
  10. I am woundering if autotrader are afraid of getting left behind hence why they adopting these kind of price marker that some of the other competion use and are trying to stay relevant. if they are some dominate why would they do this?
  11. I am sure people these days look across multiple sites, had a chap the other day phone on a car I had on eBay, he asked me why it was n’t on autotrader to which I replied because I don’t have to. i think autotrader should be concerned about the likes of Facebook, if they ever got their act together with a decent, simple interface and being able to target certain demographics I think they could really be into something plus they have pots of money to promote it.
  12. I think you will find as soon as they have enough new accounts paying £99 per month they will put the screws on the £99 per year accounts as not to upset the decent prices the dealers have become to expect
  13. Do you know if it's the touch screen that needs replacing or is it the gubbins in the glove box as well?
  14. Hi Was wondering if anyone knows if these are repairable or is it a case of just replace with new as i have an issue with a 2013 golf touch screen being unresponsive most of the time and wondered if you know where i can send it to be repaired if that is possible.
  15. Get a decent accountant to sort or the registration etc out for you