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  1. This is why I only had a few trusted dealers that I’d do it for. Plus, the people you’re buying for would usually be too busy with other things hence the need for a buyer in the first place.
  2. Another couple done here today, 8 for the month so far, seems to be a bit more happening over the last couple of days.
  3. Nottingham wasn’t a regular of mine, only for specific vehicles to order; I’d be in Tewkesbury on a Friday morning.
  4. I was a little before that, 2004-2006; a good day on a Thursday would mean Friday off!
  5. It’s a good business especially if you can do your wage on a Monday and be home by mid afternoon, though I’m sure online buying has had an effect on it now. I had two extremes amongst those that I’d buy for; a Mercedes specialist who was fussy to extremes, the other a supermarket that’d just give me a list of vehicles and max bids. Thursday was always my best day, Birmingham in a morning and Walsall in the afternoon.
  6. One of my favourite auctions, just up the road from me, used to do well out of Renault there.
  7. I honestly can’t think of a worse time to get into this trade; all of the above plus the amount of ‘traders’ that are cropping up everywhere that’s only going to get worse when the post-Christmas blues rear their head..
  8. Reminds me of when I got ‘stuck’ in BCA Paddock Wood a good few years back.. Had delivered a car just down the road and was asked by a dealer mate to get to Paddock Wood to buy a car he had a customer for; perfect for a lift home I thought. Got there, stuff was making through the roof and I had a bit of a panic on as my car was a few from the end, didn’t want to public transport it home. Couple of lots before mine was this old Proton thing on a H or J plate, clinging on to a few days MOT. In the hall, ‘who’s got £100? No? £75? £50? Who’ll start me at £25?’ One hand wave later and I’m the proud owner much to everyone’s amusement! Shows how long ago it was, I got it out of the auction, fuelled and home for £100 all in then doubled my money to one of the boys for £200..
  9. Same here, all our buying is done online so this is by far the way to do it, coupled with a last minute sniper bid!
  10. In the past I’ve said that no book rather than an unstamped book can often mean that the previous owner has had the car serviced and book stamped and simply not put it back in the car.
  11. 2 so far for the month and it’s that quiet I’m currently trying to do something with this quality Gumtree lead. ‘Hello, Will you help me get a financial in this van, i have bad English knowledge.’
  12. Sounds like our commercial customers; we go all out on prep knowing full well the day the van leaves us is the cleanest its ever going to be in the future!
  13. 'It's obviously a good car as its so popular sir' £1495 all day long AD, future classics market and all that, I'm sure someone will value it at that and at the money it owes you there's no reason to give it away.
  14. Ok I'll start One Saturday and have been closed today but a few email enquiries might see some business this week. What is everyone's target unit wise for the month?
  15. Convoying 3 cars back from auction, one set of plates, one in the front of the front car, one in the back of the back car. (On a private road of course..)
  16. c_cars


    Well deserved Rory! How did you get on James?
  17. November on the whole has been dire for us with everyone I speak to saying the same thing.. Having said that doing 4 over the last 2 days has improved things slightly!
  18. Same here, it’s not a massive thing for our business. Even though finance is advertised on our website our advertised rate is 5.9 flat and that gives us enough commission on the £5k to £15k stuff we sell. Everything goes to MotoNovo first simply for ease of use, if they fail there then it’s straight to a broker. Near and mid prime still gives a little commission depending on the balance and anything sub prime that we’re glad to save gives us a token gesture of commission.
  19. This. Had a roadside banger site for a little while in exactly this market before Farcebook Marketplace and plastic traders took over. Everything was mechanically prepped right, valeted to the max and every customer had their expectations managed; was told it would never work but the only reason it stopped was loss of the pitch due to re-development. Like Arfur says, done the right way, easy money
  20. Blast from the past some of those names, but likewise I think some of the current crop are equally as memorable: Best Newbie : Definitely EPV and his progression this year Most Entertaining Newbie : MrV / Benji Best post: I nearly bought an Astra Most frustrating post: Anything about AutoTrader or where to advertise Most helpful member- Nick MK Outstanding technical knowledge award : Dave432109876 Most Annoying Subject- where can I buy stock-I'm new to the game What Do you Mean? Really : Lucas! Best alternative way to sell cars : Arfur Dealey
  21. Apparently if you cancel direct debit payments a certain amount of times they withdraw the facility?
  22. No question about it, this is the way I’d be doing it, would probably have had it back by now!
  23. +1, always done well out of the Renault Retail line there over the years, likewise when it was in Tewkesbury previously; another favourite auction of mine back in the day.
  24. Have I got the wrong guy or does he also do Birmingham / Walsall?
  25. Same, Brighouse breakfast was one of the best. Very good advice there!