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  1. Agree and the vans I’ve sold so far have been to exactly that. And vans sub £3K I think there are no issues with not being VAT reg, but when you start looking at £4 - £5 I’m finding typically the buyers are VAT Registered, but I am pricing them competitively with those that are VAT Reg so it almost doesn’t matter if you get my drift?
  2. Hi Nick, So I currently buy vans from auction and get charged VAT (obviously). Agree with the second point about selling cars (marginal vans are hard to come by from what I can see) but I do quite like the thought of Vans Vs cars I was speaking to EPV the other night about this and it’s a difficult one! Yes this is my worry, although I have sold a few I’m wondering how many customers I’m turning away behind the screens!
  3. Hi All, So I’ve just taken the step to set up my own Dealership, up north selling mainly commercials with the odd car on the side. Brand Spanking New and obviously haven’t hit the VAT threshold yet. So my question is, I’m selling commercials with NO VAT which on vans seems to be a bit of a put off and also you look more expensive in search and find yourself lower down the page. I wanted to enjoy quarter or two not paying VAT whilst under the threshold but am I just delaying the inevitable and screwing my self over at the same time? Thanks in advance, Tom