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  1. Does anyone know if there is a free check that gives the date of the last keeper change? Many years ago, it was possible to find out for free on the RAC website but this service stopped a while back. It is possible to check the date of the last V5 issued when checking if the car is currently taxed but this date may just refer to a new V5 being issued due to a new address rather than a keeper change. I just checked a friend's car that he has owned from new in 2006 but when checking if taxed it says the last V5 was issued in 2011 so this isn't a reliable guide to the date of ownership change.
  2. I was on Twitter this morning and noticed a tweet from a car seller saying he had sold his car and had received the full amount by bank transfer in advance. However, he cancelled the sale and fully refunded the buyer as the buyer told him a friend would be coming to collect the car. The seller was afraid it was a scam and that the buyer would later claim it wasn't his friend who collected the car and demand his money back! It got me thinking! In the past, I've received bank transfers from buyers in advance but I've never asked to see their ID to check they are the buyer. I naturally assumed no one else would know about the deal so only the genuine buyer would turn up! Does anyone demand ID from all buyers to ensure they are who they say they are and should I do this in future? Talking of buyers paying in advance, I'll never forget the expression on the face of a buyer who I collected from the train station when I was running 5 minutes late and had forgotten to take my phone! I think he was convinced I wasn't going to turn up and was beginning to panic! On the subject of taking ID, I've never done this in the past but I guess I should for test drives in the future.
  3. Some of those Nextgear and BCA PF cars are a real insight into how other dealers operate. I originally thought that they maybe a good source of stock as in theory some will have been dealer prepared - a quick Google revealed some of them previously advertised on forecourts. Having looked at the cars though, several needed a lot of obvious work and had bald tyres and no MoTs. It seems mad to me that some dealers don't do any prep until the car is sold! Quite a few must risk going on test drives without MoTs.
  4. I'm thinking of buying a car that was first registered in Northern Ireland, it's a dealer PX at the block with no V5. It looks as though the last owner was from London by the last service so although it was registered new in NI it seems as though it has resided in London more recently. I've never bought an ex-NI car before so I was just wondered if there'd be any problem with applying for a new V5 and whether the V5 will be marked as a NI car and whether there are any other potential problems? The car is still on its original NI plate which I'm not a great fan of although quite a few people seem to favour old NI plates to cheaply disguise the age of the car. Is it possible to apply for a new V5 with the 62 plate the car would have had if registered new over here? I will probably apply for a V5 in my own name before selling the car as I can't imagine it would be too easy to sell it without the V5. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks again tradex - I must admit I've got so cheesed off with this XK that part of me just wants to get shot of it! It's been a long time since I've had a car that's been such a pain. I can't remember the last car that caused me so many headaches. It's made me tempted to change to more mainstream stuff but then again that's not without it's problems either! I definitely should get it checked out though - am I right in thinking that one of those head gasket tests that change colour to show the head gasket has gone are reliable? I'll get onto the workshop to do this.
  6. Many thanks for the replies ModernBagsofRubbish and tradex - I'm not very mechanically minded and thankfully haven't had an issue like this before. It is highly possible that the main dealer that diagnosed the head gasket has gone was right and that increased pressure in the water system made other water system parts fail due to overpressure. It seems such a coincidence that nearly all the water came out of the car recently and that although the garage thought a new water pump would cure it, the fact is the water level is still going down which is a real concern. There's no mayonnaise but very occasaionally, there is a very slight misfire/knock that only happens when the car is idling. I noticed it when moving the car yesterday and it seems more likely to happen when the engine is hot - waiting at traffic lights the other day I noticed a knock and the rev counter jumped slightly. This misfire doesn't trigger the engine management light but it is pretty disconcerting. So after getting the new injector and new water pump, it doesn't seem like this has cured the problem. I'm just wondering really whether it is worth getting the head gasket checked as the garage I use just seem to think it's fine and seem reluctant to check it. Even if they check it properly though and say the head gasket is fine, I can't sell the car with the occasional knock/misfire as no doubt this will get worse in time. I'm beginning to think the only answer is to get shot of it on a spares or repairs basis. It is such a shame as apart from occasionally when idling, the car drives 100%
  7. I've found that the coolant level varied quite a bit after fitting the new water pump. I've only been taking the car for short runs as I'm a bit afraid to go on a really long trip in case the car is using water. The level finally seemed to settle just above the max line over a couple of days so I thought it was ok. But this week, the water level seems to keep falling and after a short trip today, it is just below the minimum line! I'll have to top it up before I drive it again.I've only driven about 80 miles on very short trips in the 3 weeks or so since I've had the water pump replaced but is it normal for the water level to fluctuate so long after the new pump was fitted?I'm beginning to worry that there is something actually wrong with the headgasket again as the water level is low but as far as I can tell the car drives fine. There is still a vast amount of power available. I'm thinking that maybe I should top it up to the max and then take it for a longer run? But I'm worried that if it is using water, a longer run will use a lot of water!Maybe I should contact the garage who did the water pump to check the car out again?Many thanks again for all your help.
  8. Many thanks for the info Mark - typically, the wife changed her mind about getting that BMW but it's good to know for future reference. I'm glad to hear it's simple to sort out.
  9. I'm looking at buying a BMW for the wife from the block, it's a 65 plate car but it's on a naff looking 60 plate with the previous owner's initials. The car is being sold on this naff 60 plate and naturally the wife would rather have the 65 plate. It's a shame the local VRO offices closed years ago as they used to be pretty helpful with this type of stuff. Does anyone know the procedure to get the old 65 plate back and will it be the plate that car was first registered with when new or will it be a different 65 plate? What will happen to the naff 60 private plate - I can't imagine it's worth anything and I don't want it Also, how do I notify the road tax that the plate has changed? Many thanks in advance
  10. I'm considering registering one of my own car sales cars in my own name to use as a daily driver. If I register the car in my own name, should I put the date of keeper change as today or when I bought the car at the block in January? One advantage of putting January is that if I end up selling the car to something like We Buy Any Car I'll have been the registered keeper for 6 months a lot quicker The car has been 'in trade' since January and has not been taxed since. I'm just worried that if I put January down for the keeper change, the DVLA might investigate why there has been a gap in the road tax between January and now and whether it will be ok to explain that I am a dealer and that the car was initially bought to sell and used on trade plates but now I've decided to tax and run the car as my own. Am I right in thinking that if a car is 'in trade' the DVLA do not expect it to be taxed during this period? I saw something online a while back showing a sample page of how to tax a car online and as there was a gap in the SORN date on the sample car, the message about the DVLA investigating a gap came up. It's not really a big deal if I have to put today's date rather than January but I would prefer to put January unless the gap in tax causes a headache.
  11. It can be a bit alarming how hot modern engines run, I remember the temperature gauge on a petrol W203 Mercedes going up extremely high many years ago. It's probably just as well Jaguar gauges are preset to be stuck in the middle since the mid 1990s even if that doesn't reflect the true temperature! I'm sure all the 1990s Jaguar V8s I had run really hot too but back then I wasn't so paranoid! Don't get me started on Vauxhalls, I wouldn't touch one after a bad experience! I bet they are fantastic cars if you own a workshop though! I collected the XK yesterday and the workshop is pretty sure the head gaskets are fine, the psi check was ok and from running and having a good look at the car they can't see a head gasket issue. I've gone for a couple of short blasts since and the car goes very well. I did notice the water level was a bit higher the first time and a bit lower the second time but I'm hoping it is normal for the water level to take a while to settle down after a new pump is fitted? I've never actually had a water pump fitted before (even though in the past I've bought a few cars that were known for pump failure) The garage mentioned I should check the levels afterwards as there could be an airlock in the system. I'm not going to advertise the car for a while as I want to be 100% sure it's ok but I think the head gasket panic is finally over, I'll just keep a close eye on the water level for the next few weeks.
  12. Thanks again for your help Dave, I must admit I was fearing the worst but it sounds like its just the pump Thankfully I didn't drive the car very far once I saw the leak. The engine does seem to run fairly hot in my opinion ever since I got the car but the temp gauge always stays in the middle. When I had the new injector fitted, the engine temp read out was 97 degrees and apparently that is normal for this engine.
  13. Totally agree with this personally, I've never let anyone take the car before the payment shows in my account. It's not like we are selling £20 items and can take a risk.
  14. Good news so far, I managed to get it looked today and the water is coming out of the water pump so it looks like it's just the pump 2 garages have now looked at the car and didn't think it was the head gasket so that main dealer that thought it was may have said it to get their px offer price down
  15. I quite admire the nerve of the dealers who release the car before they see the money in their account - I must admit I'm the other extreme! Even when I see the money in the account I think I hope it's still there tomorrow! As I said earlier, I was told by Natwest years ago that transfers can be cancelled within 24 hours but I'm not sure this is still true with a Faster Payment. At the end of the day, the vast majority of buyers are not scammers but in my case, I do sometimes wonder if I'm too much of a worrier for car dealing!