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  1. I’ve seen them posting lots on the Facebook groups - seem to be making a big push on social media. Still remains to be seen how they can compete with the big boys. I’ll be interested if anyone has had any success with them
  2. This is what I did early on, and I still learn lots now - although it’s definitely quieter on here now. Go back to the start and read all the threads, might take a few weeks. By the time you’ve done that you will have a good grasp on CRA15, buying stock, advertising, photographing, part exchanges and all the pitfalls we encounter. Plus you’ll find some entertaining old threads too. Also at the top of the page is the How to be a car dealer guide, it’s £10 - buy that, it will help you and it will help fund the people who run the forum. You’ll get more than your £10 back in terms of knowledge The rest you’ll learn with experience. Good luck
  3. Absolutely, in this day and age any little competitive advantage should be used to your advantage I say! Cheers, that’s what I’ve done and put it on all my adverts! I’ll stick it up in my office too
  4. Morning all, yesterday I got an email saying I’d been highly rated on Autotrader. It looks like they will send out some stickers to put up on my office. Question for you guys who have had this before. Do they automatically update your adverts to say “Highly rated” or do you guys just screenshot the picture and add it to one of the photos on your advert?
  5. I’d never take investment from someone else wanting to take a piece of my profit while I did all the leg work or partner with someone - personal preference but I like to answer to me alone and know all my profits are mine (and the tax and VAT man unfortunately) If you want to expand can’t you take a bounce back loan or get capital yourself?
  6. You’ll have fun (and stress) doing that part time and might even make a decent side income but as a full time business I’d say no. Your time will be swallowed trying to find, fix and retail these cars. Also realistically how many are available at any one time and via what source? Could you for example source 10-15 a month that you’d need when the business is full time? While you might take the best part of a month, sourcing, fixing and prepping a couple of 90s Mercs, you could have bought and sold 10 “retail ready” modern cars. Don’t let me put you off btw, if you want to try it go for it, you may find down the line you could stock modern Mercs and other newer cars but have a few nice 90s classics too to keep that side of your passion going. Anyway, good luck
  7. Obviously that’s not official government site but that’s the link I’ve seen doing the rounds “If you're a company director and pay yourself a salary or dividends you won't be covered by this scheme” My accountant also emailed me confirming as much, they are awaiting clarity if we can furlough ourselves as directors. Lots of mixed messages. I don’t know for sure either way, just going on the information I’m getting. I’ll wait for further clarity from the accountants
  8. Also doesn’t apply if you are a director or a Ltd company unfortunately which I guess applies to a lot of us. My hope is we can be trading in 8 weeks again but what will business be like when we go back?
  9. I’ll update this post when I’ve got some results to compare with
  10. I’ve just got rid of priority listing purely to run an experiment on how many views, sales etc I get and I’ll judge it from there if it’s worth getting back. All you can do is try different things, run them for say 3 months and monitor results
  11. Sold a cheap part exchange last week £995 - a grand under its retail as it had a few little issues. 4600 views on the advert before a viewing let alone a sale! Loads of interest from people not reading the advert and thinking it was a proper retail car which were turned down for viewings. Got me thinking what’s the most views you’ve had on a car before you actually sold it?
  12. I always accompany them on a test drive, they normally seem to have questions about what various features do and it gives me a chance to chat with them a little. Also, I don’t fancy letting half of the general public out in my cars to drive as they wish, no thanks!
  13. I had a Passat with the 2.0 TDI 170 engine with similar symptoms turned out to be the timing. Think that was white rather than grey smoke however so maybe not your issue
  14. Hi Grant, last time I used BCA earlier this year I was charged £210 plus VAT for 180 miles, that was transported not driven. I use a local transport company now as they are better priced and more flexible