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  1. To be honest, with all these comments that I am reading you all seem negative. I'm starting to just get fed up and will try to work things out for myself. I do have the ability to find decent stock on Facebook etcetera but it does take a while hence why I am looking at auctions next to get stock quicker and easier. I will leave it here and prefer to avoid the negative atmosphere that I will probably get blamed for.
  2. Jason Doyle and EPV. I completely understand. You get salty people in all trades, they everywhere you go and you've got to just keep away. I might have to seriously look at online bidding as I would struggle to get to these places on time due to being in full time employment. In regards to tradex and his comments about making up a business plan and reckoning that I will earn less than what I am on, I would highly doubt that. I earn good money but with my own business and eventually doing this full time I would hope to be earning more than what I am on at the moment. Unless TRADEX is doing something wrong ofcourse. Please enlighten me. I understand creating a business plan but why the mention of earning less than what I am currently on?
  3. WOW. You lot have got the wrong end of the stick. Who said I am going to sell junk on the side? All cars will be fully prepped and put right before sale. My vision is going to be completely away from some of the dodgy traders that are out there. In terms of warranty, I understand what warranty is but I am wondering how to go about it in the best way in terms of setting up my own car selling business. I.E asking you guys about it in my first post. In terms of my experience, I've had about 4 years worth of selling cars. I've also had approximately 3 years worth of service advisor experience too. I told you my background because otherwise I would be getting questions like "what experience of the motor trade have you got"? And Tony911, I never told EPV to F*** off. I actually appreciate his advice as I said thank you at the end of my post. YOU tend to be an issue however. Stop making things up and get off this thread if you dont want to put in some sound advice. One good point mentioned from AWC100, having a customer ring me with a issue they have on a car I sold them whilst I'm at my main employment. That is something I may find hard to manage. Arfur Dealy, when did I say or think it was going to be easy money? I honestly think some of you just make things up again. Your not related to Tony911 by any chance? Storage is an issue I will have as I only have my driveway which will fit only three cars in plus my wife's car and my car. As I said, it will be a financial strain to get a unit or a forecourt. As I said though, it's going to be part-time so I will only be stocking 2-3 cars at a time. Once one is gone, get the next one.
  4. EPV. I understand everything you say. I just hate toxicity. Just dont bother coming onto this thread or bother typing out a message if your just going to be like a bitter old man. I'm sure we all needed help when we first started and that's what I'm here for. I haven't just come on here after a day of thinking about car-trading. I've been looking and scanning through, I read the same stuff over and over but there is nothing better than speaking to actual people who do what you want to do. Thanks for your input anyway. Really appreciate it.
  5. I know 4 years is not alot of experience but I think it's enough to understand what goes on. I work for SKODA and as I said, I want to work for myself instead of working for someone who reaps the benefits of the full profit margins. I also find it very interesting too. I really want to provide customers with top customer service and deal with them how I want to deal with them with no restrictions. I know VAT comes out of the profit but that is when I am VAT registered not part-time. I just want to know about things related to part-time as I am taking this at one step at a time. If you dont want to help then just skip this thread, all I want is guidance.
  6. Ah yes, AutoTrader, Pistonheads, Ebay. Ofcourse lol. How would it work when me and my friend are both going to be doing this together? I haven't got a clue about this area sorry. Yes full PDI, new MOT, make sure it's all straight, this is normal preparation of a car though. I mean what does self-warrant actually mean? Cheers.
  7. F*** me Jason Doyle, your the only person who has given what I expected. This moody lot are very negative. I understand there are negatives which I would like to understand and overcome. So if I register as a sole trader, I reduce my tax liabilities? Please elaborate... Proper sales mediums? Please elaborate again sorry. Self warrant.. as in putting money aside yourself and getting the problem sorted yourself with connections in the trade? I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. I understand all these bits and pieces that you are telling me. As I said, its part-time to start up and grow slowly. I've asked what do I need to be a legal part-time car trader.
  9. The odd car we scrounged around for on Facebook/Shpock/Gumtree - we got margins of £300 - £600 profit. We never made a loss and never struggled. "Try it and tell me how you get on" --- I am going to try it but part-time first hence my post above but obviously I would like some questions answered for guidance as I want everything to be straight & legal.
  10. Thanks for your help Tony911. What would stop me from doing it part-time then? What stops me from buying a car and then selling it? Then repeating this process again... Please ellaborate.
  11. Hello guys, Me and my friend have been selling cars for 4 years approximately at a main dealership. We are fed-up of not reaping the full benefits, for example selling a car and only getting a percentage. Hence why we want to start a business up ourselves. In regards to setting up, we will have to go part-time because if we quit our jobs and went all in to setting up ourselves this would cause huge financial strain. We've always bought the odd car by scrounging through Shpock/Facebook/Gumtree and then sold it for a tasty return but it is such a headache as you are trying to get private sellers to sell to you for near enough trade money. We want to get our trade plates/trade insurance asap. So that we can buy our cars and drive them home without having to worry about getting caught by the police. Our vision is to have our own forecourt eventually with a small garage to carry out repairs/MOT's/servicing and a recovery business too. Understandably it is going to be a slow process but I am determined to get this done so I don't have to work for someone. My question is, what would we need? I understand that we need the following but would like to know if there is anything else... - Trade insurance/trade plates - Register as a sole trader or would we register as a partnership? - Facebook/Shpock/Gumtree advertising - Trade account setup with the auctions to bid on cars - Which warranty company would you recommend to go through? Anything else? I may have more questions for you all but we will see how we go. I look forward to hearing from you all and your help is most appreciated.