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  1. I didn't realise this would be so contentious. I have been a little bit vague with the details, for obvious reasons, but I was hoping to receive a little constructive advice. And the login name I thought was ironic.
  2. I bought a new Ferrari last year. It spent most of the time parked in the garage, but I had it out last week and it started raining. I slipped on a bend on the motorway and crashed into a barrier and thought I had written the car off. It was in a pretty bad state and I thought I was going to die at the time. I had assumed because of the extent of the damage that the insurance company would write it off, but they have indicated they are planning to repair it because it is so new and still has so much value to replace. Now I never want to set foot in another sports car again, and so if it is repaired and returned then I will be selling it straight away but I am concerned that it will be worth much less after the crash. Any words of advice from the forum?