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  1. Ashley i have sent you an email.
  2. Its a professional approach to a very serious issue. Im not saying its the answer and i am sure mark hasn't taken this stance lightly. I intend to do all viewings as normal
  3. Ill not pop in for a coffee this week then. In all seriousness brilliant advice and a very professional stance.
  4. Only one i can find is £22 on there looks to be cheaper on ebay and delivered to my door.
  5. Following on from a discussion the other day im after some traffic film remover. Can anyone point me in the right direction of which one to get of ebay ? 2:1 ? 100:1 ? Thanks
  6. I am torn with this exact argument. I used to detail engine bays spend ages doing it all up until one day a punter walked away because the engine bay was to clean and thought i was hiding something.
  7. Dont even get me started...... I have been pushing my luck for long enough. Luckily dad does a lot of the collections and stuff and we do have a trailer which i can use. I dont think my area or being a doorstepper helps either. Still waiting on a call back from 3 days ago from 2 brokers so not holding out much hope. Currently looking into renting a unit as it looks like it might be cheaper to have a unit on the books and insurance through there instead.
  8. Thanks another thing onto the shopping list. Does it work well with tyres as well ???
  9. 9k. With a 51 Year old and a 48 Year old then as well. Im only 20 but clean license and driving 3 years. Most companies saying no till 23 Going to end up going with unaccompanied test drives and buying a truck so i can move cars about.
  10. I presume we aren't talking about the dishwasher tablets ?
  11. Think where very helpful for me as well. Couldn't get me anywhere close i needed to be price wise but a genuine company.
  12. I have just taken on a decent amount of debt as this all started Luckily it also means i have some cash to get us through this. My car gurus account renewal is soon so i might dwindle that right down to penny pinch. Tempted to offer free delivery within 100 miles to the ones who fear traveling to try and get us through.