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  1. Hi, I recently became fortunate enough to call Australia my new home and am in the process of buying my first used car down under. I was advised by some of my new friends to do a REVscheck. Coming from Europe, I don’t really know what this entails. Are there any disadvantages to doing a REVscheck and what does it actually check for besides accidents? Which kind of information would I need to enter in order to do this. What if the owner of the car tries to keep me from performing such a check? Sorry lots of stupid questions, but would appreciate some brief advice from locals he
  2. I am trying to buy car scanner for my car, 2013 Mazda CX-5, but I am confused what to get. I like to have a scanner that can read everything... Generic search led me to OBD II scanners that has wide price range and doesn't really tell if it works with my car model or not... Any suggestions? thanks guys i found a website where they provide scanners for all cars - thankyou so much guys!
  3. Before anything, I want to invite you into a story to experience something that happened to me that left a huge mark on my life. This experience also led me to pursue a solution to a problem that is very prevalent in the online community fe masr (and around the world). Last year, I was scheduled for a Skype interview with a respectable firm based fel tagamo3 (I live abroad), I had mentioned prior to my interview that I'd taken an Online Marketing Course (which took me 2 months of diligent studying to complete) and was hoping they'd ask me something regarding that course….. They mentioned nothing. I went as far as asking my interviewers if they wanted me to talk about what I've learned during that course and how it could help me further their marketing goals... Laughingly, they disregarded my online learning efforts. I felt the need to show them how well I’ve learned...but, my hands were tied. I couldn’t prove anything to them. Feeling that all my efforts had been dismissed, I wanted to find a solution to that and also see if others shared that same feeling of dismissal with me, after contacting the people at Coursera I realized they too didn’t have answers. They published surveys and collected data, and reached the same conclusion I’d reached: as it turns out, most online course takers suffer from this problem. After waiting for Coursera to solve this problem and getting nothing from them. I set out to try and find a solution on my own. More directly, the problem is that the certificates we get for learning online are mostly ignored and undervalued by employers since they don’t provide a solid form of proof to show that real learning has happened. They are just there to remind you that you’ve completed a course. You can’t get a job using them. From my findings, the only way to get credit for learning something is to show people how you've applied that learning. Don't show people what you've learned, show them what you can do with what you’ve learned. My journey has led me to build an online platform called Tendoledu.