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  1. Why not send it to the critical worker department I got 4 accepted processed, sent out and received all within a week which I was shocked on considering I sent one back Back in March with no reply
  2. There was this site called but I believe they’re in a lawsuit with bmw but there’s loads out there just type in Bmw vin decoder on google
  3. Thanks mate but after I bled the brakes it fixed the problem well it has so far....
  4. Yeah we use the doip VCI great bit of kit im going to go and try a brake bleed again now that the epb is calibrated and see if that does anything
  5. Can’t remember the code exactly but there is one for the fuel filler cap having a short circuit due to it being broken but that can’t possibly engage epb can it?
  6. Hi there lads, Was wondering if someone who was clued up on RANGE ROVERS/JAGUARS I've got a Range Rover Sport L494 P400E thats come in to us for the parking brake randomly engaging when pulling out at a junction or setting off from a traffic light, it will engage and then disengage quickly causing a jolt ive used Pathfinder to do a EPB Calibration and I thought that fixed it but the customer has come back to say the problem is still there anyone come across this before
  7. Yeah mate I’ll go to garage tomorrow and have a look on my laptop but one thing you need to do is write oldest service first and then the new one, so if it’s only had one previous service done before you’ll be alright but if it has a few services you’ll have to wipe them and then put in the services from oldest to newest (5 minute job)
  8. No it’s a different program that I have on my laptop easy stuff mileage number of things service what serviced and boom it’s done
  9. You’d think that with COVID 19 and businesses not operating at full capacity the risk would be Lower for claims so it would be cheaper but alas it’s not tbh mate they were one of my options but wanted pictures of the inside of my premises by that time I already had something sorted with premier but kudos to them for still delivering big thanks to especially Declan and josh too
  10. To write service history to the idrive isn’t hard at all tbh all you need is a £10 Enet cable and the ability to convert from KM to miles only downside is when it goes in for a software update it gets deleted
  11. Update: renewing through Premier insurance in Winsford, big thumbs up to Declan & Josh that sorted everything out for me. Would recommend these lot if you’re looking for a decent quote p.s they did better the renewal price I was originally quoted
  12. Wasn’t given the option when I called up but I’ll give global a bell tomorrow. Premier were decent as a broker, they always did manage to get me a good price even on a personal policy on one of my high value cars, whilst they ask other insurers I’m just looking around and see if anyone can beat the current quote
  13. Ashley was my first choice after premier but because he’s the one who got me my policy last year and he’s only moved to UK global in the last 6 months I can’t use him (as he can’t speak to his previous clients for 12 months). He is very good at what he does though im trying to find a way I can use him though
  14. Well from Ageas they’ve quoted me 5.5k
  15. Just waiting on a quote from Aston Lark and I can’t use Ashley as I was one of his customers at Premier but I definitely do recommend him is there anyone else you guys would recommend just got off the phone with towergate so waiting on a quote with them too think insurance have quoted me 3k+ than my current insurance is so that’s a no no