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  1. That's good for you, but why tell him to quit the business?
  2. Too many jealous Motor Traders hahahahahaha @David Horgan
  3. What a load of tosh, why should he quit? He needs to make amends pay what he owes to the revenue and carry on.
  4. The thought of someone driving the car gives me nightmares, always get them transported.
  5. Same with any vendor some cars are good and some are bad, I've had a fair few decent cars from ukcgr
  6. 18k cars showing on BCA, last year this was 28k.
  7. Exactly this received NIP after we sold car to a fellow trader, DVLA had our details.
  8. Exactly this, in my opinion you should be 100% confident in the car.
  9. He didn't bid online he was at the auction, read his initial post. OP I don't understand if you were there and knew the roof was inoperative why leave it there? I would have paid and taken it straight out.
  10. Has anyone purchased a car from this sale yet?
  11. Interesting to know how many others communicate via whatsapp?
  12. Good luck with it Ken bankers draft would make me nervous.
  13. Have to agree these lion batteries are very poor.
  14. I agree sounds like he wants to drive sdp but with only business cover. If i'm right in saying you can have passengers in the car but the use has to still be business, plod cant say anything regarding passengers but they could probe your use.