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  1. Only for franchise dealers not for used car dealers. I had a long conversation with them at one of the conference last year.
  2. You're like an old stuck record Mr. H .... Just like ME! Same arguments, same conversations , same reasoning - Consumers are being MISLED and in a lot of cases the higher price ones are the BETTER BUY! #Simpes #KIP
  3. Debit Card - Chip & Pin - ID Matches - licence matches etc , should be all OK. Defo not credit card' if BIG payment.
  4. Not seen that ?? would be the best move @Rory RSC asThe IMDA asked for them to be removed totally but they were adamant in keeping it and we keep battling on with it, another meeting next week will keep everyone posted of the outcome.!
  5. Markers are staying as @Rory RSC says! we ( The IMDA) have had talks and onging asking the removal of ££ under/over ! this is so mileading as we all know, hoping they will remove these!
  6. Yes - a few ! Although ALL the conversations have started with " it's ove priced....." managed to convince them , but they must have been interested in my cars to even make contact ! the biggest worry is that how didn't bother to contact me and simply scrolled past .... !! As I keep saying to Autotrader 'we're starting on the back footwith customers, the motor trade already has a bad reputaion and these markers are not helping to build trust whenthey tell customers our cars are 'high price' with inaccurate data! IMO! Reduced my stock by 50%! [ No not in price - Advertised stock! ]
  7. Good to see you back @jamslug ! Lot's has changed and nothing's changed if you get my meaning! Good luck in the new city and the new venture.!
  8. many on here won't know isopon p38 ...remember the stuf well!!
  9. Agree with @David Horgan @Rory RSC@Nick M.K. the so called 'data and 'icontrol ' is sure way to blow your brains out. #MyThoughts
  10. Marry Christmas to everyone, wishing you all a great 2020!
  11. umesh


    Really ! Can't belive that - customers just want it easy, so why not do that for them! seems bizarre!
  12. umesh


    Got 1000 on Autotrader , I'm led to belive they have circa 4000 cars in stock??
  13. You can't stay on the fence for ever, its yes you want to go alone or stay put! Biggest thing is you'll be playing with your own money and not someone else's , if you're not going to do the 'job' right ie the clutch example then i don't think you'll so well long term, the days of not acting responsible are well over, CRA, Reviews etc etc. Good luck!
  14. umesh

    CG ads

    smart SKY ads can be targeted, was talking to them earlier this year as they were possibly thinking of joining the IMDA ! Very cleaver stuff and getting more affordable as such. Having another meeting with them soon to see how they maybe able to help the small/independent dealers with value for money advertsing. @Mark101 "days in stock" is so consumers can use that against the dealers to bash the prices down !