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  1. Spot on Mr H ! 100% Hope all is well with you.
  2. Can't over think and second guess what's going to happen, Think we all know when the furlough stops, job losses start things will change massively but in the meanwhile just got to be positive and get on with it.
  3. Go Smash it @Rory RSC ! well done
  4. Not all all guys, I saw it early on on social media and thought it was worth sharing for those who might not have spotted it The IMDA has its forum ... you'll be dissapointed to hear that AT is rarely discussed and what i've said myself is always open and up front, I don't have an agenda against AT or any other platforms. I say things as they are! Wasn't promoting simply posting what their PR dept has posted. Cancelled - retracted- cancelled- retracted whilst the free offer during lockdown was happening and did take 3/4 reservations from AT in that time, it was a no brainer to keep the cars on there with the free advertising.
  5. Auto Trader continues support into June, with a series of new measures, including a 25% discount and its biggest ever stock offer 27th May 2020 Following the government’s confirmation that automotive showrooms in England will be able to reopen from 1st June, Auto Trader has signalled its ongoing support for its retailer partners by offering a 25% discount on all advertising packages throughout June, as well as extending its double stock offer until at least 16th July[1]. For customers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Auto Trader will remain free while retailer forecourts are required to remain closed. March payment terms for all customers have been extended by a total of 60 days and packages will also remain free for all customers for the remainder of May. From before the lockdown began, Auto Trader has been committed to supporting retailers, providing free advertising packages and extended payment terms to help manage cash flow challenges. During the period of the lockdown, while the business has been free, it has delivered over 400 million ad views and more than 750,000 leads[2] to its customers. In addition to these measures, to further assist customers in their recovery, Auto Trader has invested in a consumer marketing campaign to drive awareness that retailers are back and open for business. Auto Trader is in a unique position to support the industry to get back to business with circa 1.1 million potential car buyers currently visiting its marketplace every day and through its app which has been downloaded by over 14 million UK consumers. What’s more, to reassure anxious car buyers, Auto Trader has introduced a range of free online features to help highlight the safety measures retailers have put in place to make the car buying experience safer. The business has also accelerated the launch of AT Market Insight, an innovative tool designed to provide retailers with bespoke market analysis. Nathan Coe, Auto Trader’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “This recent government announcement is an important step forward for the automotive industry. We will continue to support our customers, which is now about helping them to sell as many vehicles as possible, which is the focus of everyone at Auto Trader. We understand that returning to trading will be challenging for our Retailer partners, but we are confident we can help given our scale and the unusually high levels of demand we are seeing on our platform.”
  6. Good to see you Simon @L-P on here ! Hope all is well, muct catch up soon. stay safe.
  7. Great guest, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom a few months ago and enjoyed meeting him then and throughly enjoyed this...
  8. Great interviews again !Keep em coming James. Great work.
  9. Anyone interested, it's free to join organised by The IMDA with one of our partners. "Free Digital Marketing Training for Car Dealers". Course Overview: This is a free series of webinars to help you plan and prepare for the future. You can benefit from our 13 years’ combined experience in helping car dealers, motorhome dealers and our automotive industry clients grow their dealerships and part shops. Description: We’ll help you make the most of the digital channels with this free training. In the first webinar you’ll be provided with an overview of the digital marketing channels available to you including their pros and cons, and we’ll provide some insight into where you should focus your efforts now and as we move forward and dealerships re-open. These are just some of the topice which will be discussed • An overview of the digital marketing channels and where to focus effort now and moving forward – information drafted for the first webinar already • Your Website • Search Engine Optimisation • Review Sites – Google My Business • Paid Search – Google Ads, Microsoft Ads • Paid Social – Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads • Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Remarketing & Retargeting 1st one starts next Thursday May 7th 14.00 10 in total every two weeks CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  10. Helping us picture a brighter future Just like during winter or any prolonged period of darkness you require a shining light to show the way forward. This current crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic has certainly had some really dark days for business and that is no different for the Motor Industry. There have been many ‘shining lights’ helping light the way for dealers and we hope our association The IMDA have done our bit to help. However there has light much brighter than others and that is Car Dealer Magazine’s very own @James Baggott who, not unlike a pair of super powerful ‘cornering LED headlamps’ has not only managed to give our industry a much clearer vision but has also even helped illuminate what’s just around corner, helping us to decide how to adjust our speed and road positioning to prevent us from crashing. So well done Mr B for all your hard work, assistance and fantastic industry insights with your Zoom interviews, credit where credit is due. The IMDA
  11. Great guest, really enjoyed it, great insight. The podcast done by Dave Anderson really is fantastic, listened to it couple of days ago ! It's HERE
  12. Showroom and workshop closed, however taking deposits from customers and they all fully understand collection won't happen until we're open after we're told to do so. 4 Deposits so far as they've all seen the video of cars and happy with they see.
  13. Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it @have a word with the wife Yes The IMDA do have a forum on FB @metcars Thanks again for the feedback @sparky just trying to help anyone/everyone in the industry that we love, we're all the same we all have so much experience that we can all share and help each other with, I just wished when I started in 1997 there was help /support/forums and people that could have helped. Apprecaite the feedback. Thank you @trade vet Cheers @Rory RSC, Appreciated. Thanks @New year revolutions......, glad you saw the real me, sorry if my posts come over different to who I am, Really appreciate the feedback. Thanks to @david gott whos also done a podcast last week with me, great fun ! Link here if anyone wants a listen! Staysafe everyone.
  14. FANTASTIC ! Something great to look forward to when the Covid-19 is over! Wishing you all the best.
  15. March 1998 that’s about 8 months after starting the business, a couple come in to look at VW Corrado 16V and VW Golf VR6 Highline on a Saturday afternoon, 1st they go out in the Corrado at £12400 and then the Golf at £16700, I’m thinking that’s a fair bit of difference in price but just did the test drives. When they had driven both I couldn’t really get a feel for which way as she loved the Corrado and he loved the Golf, so having given them a drink and left them discussing in the showroom I went back to my office. After a few minutes the lady walks in says,” so how much are they again?” £12400 and £16700. She says, “can I write you a cheque for £25000 now and pay the rest when we pick them up?” I said you’re having them both. “yes, we can’t decide I love the corrado and John wants the Golf so we’ll have them both”
  16. Commission definately not included, as we know a lot of sales people are probably on circa £12000 PA ( From what I'm hearing) so regardless of how much they earn in commission the gov only looks at the basic pay and will only pay 80% of the basic £800 !
  17. The IMDA have today started a petition to the government to request for Furlough Leave to include Salespeople’s Commissions within 80% payment offer, as we know a lot of sales staff wages are heavily bias towards commission and we feel this is unfair and want to help all the sales staff. If you could please sign the petition. Thanks Umesh
  18. Great interview and great insight, Daksh is always very open and good to listen to.
  19. Autotrader announce full year results, in line with market expectations, but also announce hashtag#covid19 support for dealers. Advertising package fees for April to be waived and payment of March fees to be deferred for 30 days. Expected to produce a loss for the business in April of £6m-£7m. This will be very welcomed by all!
  20. AA Cars: Sold a couple from there in the last couple of months, only been with them for about 4 months or so! So far so good I would say.
  21. Only for franchise dealers not for used car dealers. I had a long conversation with them at one of the conference last year.
  22. You're like an old stuck record Mr. H .... Just like ME! Same arguments, same conversations , same reasoning - Consumers are being MISLED and in a lot of cases the higher price ones are the BETTER BUY! #Simpes #KIP