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  1. How thick is the Kingspan ( ie : insulation ) could be freezing Business Rates ? Rent increases Shared Entrance ?
  3. retweet it...ILL BLOODY FRAME IT !!!
  4. fantastic piece -i agree 100 % they must think we are stupid !!!! ive cut back by 40 % Inline with what i expect to achieve Q- How can you sell any cars if we are in lockdown ? UNLIMITED STOCK IS POINTLESS THEN IN THIS SCENARIO....
  5. Where i live a local dealer is always mega busy, BUT THE ACCOUNTS NEVER LIE....
  6. Have CAZOO read the distance selling regs ? CRA 2015 they are in for a busy few months , hope they have a good in house legal team, already lots of people have returned their cars, I think the customer was expecting a brand new one like AMAZON LOL
  7. Autoraper want us to work on £750 per car, soon it will be £500, we are all crazy in the Business , working for 1% turnover / profit, no other Business would entertain our costs / profit margins....
  8. This is effectively restrictive practice by Autotrader, if you look at what WBAC says then what Auto trader retail is , its laughable, they have no idea at all, they are soo detached from the coal face its unbelievable, if they had Account Managers like they used to , they could feed this info back from Dealers.. Can we say if their ADVERTISING PACKAGE is HIGH / LOW ETC ?????
  9. AVOID AT ALL COST / a friend of mine ended up in court because a lady killed somebody in the loan car he lent her , 3 years of legal hell, police, lawyers, guy had a nervous s breakdown and went Bankrupt .....
  10. Hi just bought a mo-tab car, V5 says white, its Gold Met, how long does it take for DVLA to change the colour on the V5 / Log book and send you a new one ??? Thanks,
  11. Hi guys, 2013 Vauxhall Adam , radio touch screen sometimes freezes, goes blank, does not work....any thoughts would be appreciated / Thanks.
  12. Hi all.....i used to use CAP to value my cars, then i refused to pay £800 a year and now we just uses WBAC for free lol... Im wondering how in this modern day do you value cars, as Auto Traders trade online prices are an absolute joke, and Glasses seem to be way out on some vehicles ? Do you guys use Cap, Glasses, or neither anymore ?????