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  1. My old man owned one of them for about 3 months he traded it in for an older 205 the memories .
  2. What gods not real and there is no lochness monster .always hoped i could pray to god for my millions or sell my video off the lochness monster was my second option if i found him Im gutted
  3. Treat people how you like to like to be treated my moto in life . Manners cost nothing Great read trade vet .
  4. Glad to see you on the mend James .
  5. this is true how many times I've seen this happen over the years in many industries
  6. Casper


    Recommend ashley I've had discussions with him on him many occasions and although not a customer of his yet its looking like with some of my business interests i will be in the future always helpful and replies quickly ..
  7. Princess Dianas funeral remember watching it televised on a old massive television in my parents living room . Where does time go
  8. Before my time only just your showing your age now ..
  9. No truth is an old family friend who is no longer with us used to do everything for her she treated him like crap and they fell out so i never went back . I don't really drink much anyway actually weirdly enough the last time i had a few pints was the same friends funeral
  10. And the food is of good quality lot of nice stuff in the own brand range
  11. Madness that isn't it or greed one of the two