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  1. Princess Dianas funeral remember watching it televised on a old massive television in my parents living room . Where does time go
  2. Before my time only just your showing your age now ..
  3. No truth is an old family friend who is no longer with us used to do everything for her she treated him like crap and they fell out so i never went back . I don't really drink much anyway actually weirdly enough the last time i had a few pints was the same friends funeral
  4. And the food is of good quality lot of nice stuff in the own brand range
  5. Madness that isn't it or greed one of the two
  6. True that too when you watch channel 25 free view
  7. Casper


    The was a lad on here yesterday at 20 got motor trade insurance shop around as i say hopefully works out and you can turn in in to a little business
  8. Lol he will remember them actually must ask him he likes going back to the old days his memory is ok with that stuff . But dementia is a terrible thing dad has it and a close family friend both have the same type but it affects them different
  9. Casper


    Try ashley at uk global on here there was a lad at 20 on yesterday spoke to him on here and was on singing his praises this morning i got my insurance with the think insurance when i started out and was around 24 at the time guess there not much you can do other than get motor trade or speak to another bca branch and try your luck good luck best wishes
  10. Haha you read my mind was actually in mind to put wireless .
  11. As was said on here yesterday your health is certainly your wealth during these times . Though i do always like to see nice people get on in life reading in the paper the other day about a shop that may have to close due to times and the virus said shop has had no customers for years due to the owners attitude I'm surprised it-never closed long before the virus .