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  1. The only good thing to come out of covid is you don't have to sit round the table listening to boring conversation with the in laws pretending you like them or they have something interesting to say
  2. Every time i put a car into one of the local mot stations years back for a service he charged £2 for a screen-wash top up as an experiment one day i filled it up before i sent the car in to him you guessed it £2 screen wash top didn't have the heart to tell him id already done it
  3. Ive noticed the large dealers around here preparation is slipping cars with scuffed wheels and dents etc id be embarrassed if i was selling 20 k cars like that
  4. Some of the big main dealers do charge for fuel around £15 pound as i said previously i know of one that charges even to do an hpi check from a customer point of view i don't i wont to buy from them or id be asking for it in the price . think the problem is they hide In the paper work and many customers wouldn't know or even check before signing ..
  5. Haha great minds think alike was going to say run it for a week lol
  6. I highly recommend it that one and the David horgan one I've listened to fully working my way through them in the evening both were very good
  7. As you say add it into your pricing . Can you imagine from a customer point of view if you said oh it is such and such a price but an extra £50 for the fuel in tank from the customer point of view id rather deal with some one like you or me who includes it and would probably walk at the suggestion of being charged for it ..
  8. Done both like you say it has a more personal and postive touch handing money from your wallet either that or as you say we put £10-£15 in at the pump normally when we do it it doesn't come up in conversation unless the customer asks ..
  9. That advert does make me laugh .as did your story some people eh .
  10. Come now mark your giving us Scots a bad name at least give them 6 miles a nice even number .. lol
  11. Never done it never would like u we always make sure they have at least 1/4 tank but some of the main dealers charge £15 on every used car regardless for fuel some I've seen even do charge an admin fee one I know off even charges to hpi your car for most of us id say its all part of the service we like to give
  12. Im not 100 percent but think maybe they can be not sure who does it maybe try bba reman sorry i couldn't be any more help