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  1. Theres a link to the thread you mentioned hope all is well
  2. Honesty is the best policy they say guess whoever said that never ever met Arthur Daley Bag social distanced pat on the back for your honesty 10/10 hope you are well
  3. Faz thank you for being so polite and well mannered its nice to see keep us all posted .
  4. Welcome to to the forum Faz if your making a wage in these times my thoughts are do you really want to include other investors in your business with a lot more overheads with rent etc keep doing what your doing from home on a 1 man basis would be my advice especially in these troubled times good luck whatever you decide .
  5. School boy error . go stand in the corner seriously though could happen to anyone bet the previous customers were happy when they found it ..
  6. Never know reduced staff these days
  7. Welcome to the forum good luck with your new business ..
  8. Great news probably the way i would have done it too as I suggested hopefully get your deal on the other car too keep us posted..
  9. Was just a thought mate might work good luck hope you get sorted it always good to hear others opinions on here about brokers etc for future reference so thanks for that .
  10. Ive had quotes from towergate in the past at time they were slightly more expensive than think but would say there cover was better . Can you not use another rep from uk global then Ashley is not directly dealing with his previous customers did you find premier ok to deal with .
  11. Heard the same thing from someone that does a lot of registration transfers for a private plate company .
  12. Ive used Think insurance never had problems I've always got an ok service but some here say they haven't @Ashley@UKGlobal or @John Cook - Aston Lark Are both helpful too ive spoke to both with insurance related question and will use them for business insurances in the near future
  13. Take £250 out of it tell them its for you time and that you would not normally do it but it because you know them well and they have recommended people to you and been good customers you will make an exception in this case .
  14. Interesting reading though I think a lot of the lookers stuff been on the cards before covid as terrible as it i think a lot of companies not just in the motor trade will use covid to down size and pay off and get rid of a lot of the staff they don't need of course many companies on the other hand will see job losses due to covid also.
  15. £20 a bottle in the paper shop here no joke they caught an old pensioner out with it as well lock them up through away the key they should be shut down for that