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  1. I bank with and applied through Barclays , Money was in my account within 12 hours .
  2. Agreed , keep overheads as low as poss,buying fewer cars but with sensible margins , but nobody knows how the winter will look . That said I've been in and around the motor trade since 1986 ( I know...) and weathered a few recessions , but my financial year ends Oct so that's crunch time for me whether to commit again for another year . Truth is though , if I'm not doing this , I'm likely a minimum wage bod !
  3. My understanding is that you can't cherry pick which finance customers you charge admin fees to .
  4. Agreed , finally logged into Barclays system yesterday, took about 2 minutes to apply , £50k in the account this morning.
  5. Trying to apply on the Barclays website and you just end up on a blank page....
  6. 100% happy with A1 Approved (they manage your own fund) over the years , if you prep your cars properly you should build a nice pot .
  7. Phoenix nights,,,,,,,,,,, get back you barrstard
  8. Anyone else not able to log in this morning ?
  9. BCA online auctions are up and running tomorrow , will be interesting to see which way prices head...north or South ? Good observation re that only proper traders can bid ...
  10. Haven't been for years , but that food/service was brilliant...amazing rock cakes !
  11. That's me also , I think maybe if you're a one man band Ltd Co we need to investigate the 'Business interruption grant' , but like most of you I guess I'm waiting for my accountant to clarify
  12. I cancelled yesterday and just spoke to rep ,re 'free' April expecting some tie in , but there is none so I extended my notice period to end of April with option to review anytime . So in a nutshell to cover yourselves I guess it's best to inform them now that you wish to cancel 30 April .
  13. Just came away from BCA Blackbushe , plenty of people there, maybe not so many supermarket buyers , prices way down , lots of cars not selling .
  14. That's good news as I signed up last week ! Thinking of taking my AT down to bare bones , big downward trend at BCA Blackbushe today , lots of unsold cars going through...
  15. +2 then spray with Plasticote ( I guess thats the same as 'Milk')
  16. Blimey , is it just me or are WBAC valuations the new Cap clean +++ ? Used to use the website to show customers how fair our PX was ! Now ,not so much ..
  17. Very happy with my Charles , got eight years out of the first one , UK made also , does the job , no fuss
  18. Weirdly enough , now retail check is included , my ten car package has gone down £20 . Must have missed something ,
  19. Naturally it came back on two cars ahead of the one I wanted , and back to silly prices ...FFS !