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  1. whats the answer? allow them to roll the 5g out its going to be bad when it comes 5g is military grade.
  2. ive not had anything as of yet
  3. I might have to cancel my cancellation but its still a kick in the teeth the double stock offer!
  4. Put my 30 day notice in and apparently they maybe putting more things into place as "covid 19" gets worse.
  5. Should cancel or at least give the at a call today to put them down
  6. Existing probably will be the case for new atm Im cancelling my at package later today for next month whats the use of advertising in lockdown!
  7. Just received an email from cargurus reducing the package costs by 50%, cargurus have won this one over autotrader...
  8. I use the system you use or very similar.
  9. how old is this fiesta?
  10. So who was it that got removed