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  1. Cheers pal, was from BCA will be putting an assured claim in.
  2. Cheers ill have a look for my diagnostic device.
  3. error: workshop only leave vehicle in position p Anybody know of this error 66 plate golf r? Is the gearbox goosed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Anyone noticed cars being marked as sold and going back through a day or two after or going straight onto buy it now? I smell some bidding up
  5. Stopped using Manheim. To be fair any nearby auction centres are next day or 2/3 days max. Anything over 100 miles were waiting minimum 5 working days, newcastle - manchester was 10 day wait.
  6. Yes or waiting upto 12 days for BCA to deliver lol
  7. Hi Nick, Can i send you a vin Thanks
  8. Try the Autotrader moving tab works a charm for us everytime
  9. Questioned one of the auctioneers and he looked gob smacked, "doesnt say anything about it going through yesterday" lol it was sold and went through again the next day, trying to catch someone at a high bid
  10. Lol theyre bidding us up 100% seen cars sold that have gone through again the next day.
  11. Crap car will retail at 8k though has a decent AT rating even though that doesnt mean anything
  12. Im sending the turbo to be refurbished tomorrow see what that does, bmw specialist said maybe the cam sensor Its a 2012/62 i was told Peugeot lol Piston rings it cant be as it was running fine came from Liverpool and back twice and then was smoking then was fine then smoking again, however the bmw specialist said valve stem seals, its either a mini or a Peugeot 62 plate. Sent the turbo in just waiting on it to come back now. Spent over £1k needs to go to the body shop yet. Got it semi cheap £4200 for a 62 plate low miles estoril blue
  13. Got a BMW 116i in P/X its smoking badly and the snap on computer reads 130308 - VANOS , OUTLET control error position not reached 120408 - Boost pressure control , cut of pressure rise blocked Had the timing chain replaced etc . Thinking the turbo next. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance