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  1. Crap car will retail at 8k though has a decent AT rating even though that doesnt mean anything
  2. Im sending the turbo to be refurbished tomorrow see what that does, bmw specialist said maybe the cam sensor Its a 2012/62 i was told Peugeot lol Piston rings it cant be as it was running fine came from Liverpool and back twice and then was smoking then was fine then smoking again, however the bmw specialist said valve stem seals, its either a mini or a Peugeot 62 plate. Sent the turbo in just waiting on it to come back now. Spent over £1k needs to go to the body shop yet. Got it semi cheap £4200 for a 62 plate low miles estoril blue
  3. Got a BMW 116i in P/X its smoking badly and the snap on computer reads 130308 - VANOS , OUTLET control error position not reached 120408 - Boost pressure control , cut of pressure rise blocked Had the timing chain replaced etc . Thinking the turbo next. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Might look into you guys when were up for renewal for some quotes
  5. 10/15 days not in a rush for this one. Thanks
  6. Cheers pal bca did it for £185 lol been getting quotes of £350, didnt think they would have done it as the cars over 10 years.
  7. Struggling to get a cheap quote from BCA Kinross to Manchester around 250 miles, any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Oh no mate you've really messed up there.
  9. Huawei P30 PRO is probably the best one out there however if you prefer the APPLE IOS then of course the Iphone 11 its out of the two. But the Huawei has better value for money.
  10. Its a car dealer forum not a covid 19 things to do forum
  11. whats the answer? allow them to roll the 5g out its going to be bad when it comes 5g is military grade.
  12. ive not had anything as of yet
  13. I might have to cancel my cancellation but its still a kick in the teeth the double stock offer!
  14. Put my 30 day notice in and apparently they maybe putting more things into place as "covid 19" gets worse.
  15. Should cancel or at least give the at a call today to put them down
  16. Existing probably will be the case for new atm Im cancelling my at package later today for next month whats the use of advertising in lockdown!
  17. Just received an email from cargurus reducing the package costs by 50%, cargurus have won this one over autotrader...
  18. I use the system you use or very similar.