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  1. I’ve been with iphone since they launched the “4” and to be honest I’ve got so used to how the iPhone works that when I try and use a mates android I just get annoyed with it and find it “not obvious” where apps and uses are laid out. Just thought ide mention it, as mybe worth considering staying with what you are used to - “better the devil you know” and all that jazz! Thanks for all you reply guys - really appreciate your time
  2. Our in house Garage uses a dealer unit. Not cheap (about £120) but I can’t fault it
  3. Found it!! Thanks mate - deleted the other post!! lol
  4. Thanks Casper Yes I noticed that I listed it twice? However I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete one of them?? Any ideas? lol
  5. Always used The Auto Group and found them pretty decent. They like dealers that prep their cars well and dont just "buy, clean and sell" they like to know you have either given it the "once over" or you have given it to a garage to do before you put it up for sale. Compared to many Warranty companies that are not worth toilet roll, I have found that they do out shine many of the competition. I also know that AutoGuard are pretty good too. Hope this helps
  6. Hi All Im not knew to the trade (far from it) however when it comes to doing the "walk around" photos ready for internet advertising, I have always relied on my trusty iphone, however I think this does not give the best photos when it comes to summer time "glare" and I just wanted to get some recommendations from other dealers with what they use? Im about to go and buy a new digital camera and before I spend my money I wanted to know if anyone recommends one? Thanks in advance