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  1. If sold on auto trader in 2017 it would list it as cat d or c on the advert, there systems changed for this to happen in 2014ish. Unless you sold it on gumtree or eBay. Not writing cat d on the invoice is a silly schoolboy error, I’m still not convinced why you didn’t write it but then again you didn’t even introduce yourself lol considering the mateys head gasket has gone that’s why all this has come back to you. If your filing cabinet is in order get the invoice out...if it isn’t there make sure it gets there wink wink and also offering an exchange is silly, it’s been 2.5 years. Rejecting the car on the basis it’s a cat d and he didn’t know is only going to be proved by the evidence at the time of sale which is advert descriptions/costs, sales invoice receipt plus any warranty docs you may have gave. A long shot and defo not going to be an easy one as the amount of miles done now and depreciation valuation. So I would stand firm on it. “Cat d repaired to a high standard” lol best of luck buddy
  2. Same here but having said that year on year August has always been slow... holiday season... everyone’s away or cashing in on the euros... SEP has been fantastic so far.. I have complained to AT rep about the search criteria etc waiting on there call back lol don’t think that will be anytime soon
  3. I wish I had started to chase my dreams earlier in life rather than later ... love what you do and you will never work a day ...
  4. Hi Jordon, in my opinion this fella is just trying his luck to get more money off the car. Most likely there are no issues with it. You are in your full right to request the car to be returned to your premises to inspect and any work which he carried out was not approved for payment by you. He aint even a qualified mechanic or vat registered garage. I had a chap last year bought an old 53plate merc ml320 px I had in, he was buying it to export to Nigeria ... came down test drive done pdi done all agreed and paid ... and then he tried a similar thing a few hours later and threatened all the usual crap but in the end he just wanted money off, its a known scam by some... always have a pdi form done and stand your ground on this one. If you want a refund come back with car, as for these non approved repairs and the stone chip tell him it’s not on your pdi and your returns policy does not pay out for repairs without inspection and reports must be from a vat registered garage. I stood my ground and he disappeared. You have been more than reasonable with this customer he is just trying the usual scare tactics in hope for some cash back. Best of luck buddy. Cheers, A.
  5. Welcome lucky13 ... sub 5k is making me my millions best of luck buddy
  6. Would now be a good time to suggest ... trade specials all the glitters too and ready to retail money makers bandwagon ... I can set you up at a discounted £100 membership fee And some tea cakes preferably 1 bid 2, 3 are you in????
  7. Since you have offered your own warranty best to get this one fixed back at yours. On the advice of not driving it further causing more damage is going to be a difficult one in court. You could inspect and ask the customer for a contribution to it but again it’s really on the fence as the problem has happened very quickly pre 30 days. Im sure your pdi ramp check is there but no matter how much of a rush a customer is in they will be pain if something goes wrong for sure. Customers are customers. Personally don’t let the car leave until it has a full service, pads etc. The oil leaking could have happened after he ragged it or the box was on its way out anyway so it’s hard to say. Take a pill on this one buddy. Chin up and Best of luck.
  8. Ecu testing cheaper and quick turnaround too
  9. Same here I had this last month on a focus 11 plate... for once I enjoyed opening the post lol kinder surprise kinda feeling
  10. Hi Casper got the karcher and also a numatic use the autosmart brisk low foam and its never let me down over the years... apart from the time my cleaner didn’t understand the 1:20 ratio ... was an interesting day
  11. Hello mate, I have someone who works part time for me and does all the cleaning and valeting. I have had to train him up over last few years but he is defo up to standard now and reliable for me. I have 20-25 cars at my site and it is much better than giving it out to the local kurds/romainian car washes as you will be spending a lot of money on poor quality valeting and more swirl marks than a twister ice cream lol. As for you and your dad if you guys can manage it then good on you! Saving costs initially however after a while though you will start to focus more on the business itself which is that you are a car dealer not a car wash detailer so outsourcing or having your own staff on it would be much more effective. My time is better spent on sourcing more stock, dealing with customers etc Prior to that I had a mobile guy that came to my pitch and charged £10 mini valet or £50 full vallet full interior washed, machine polished and engine was shined up using the trade special can of xxxxxx . It all depends on the stock £500 micra vs £5k Audi A3 and how clean or filthy they are 5 dogs and a chain smoker or a 1 lady owner bible in the glove box only used for sunday church. Once the cars have been done you have to remember they don’t sell straight away and with the weather it’s very unpredictable so overtime you will need to wash them again and again or shine them up before potential viewings etc so that we’re it gets expensive at car washes and will be the test of your time doing it by hand. Retail is detail especially on cars, if it’s perfectly shining when the customer arrives the sale is more likely on = show me the money baby (unless it’s the last price crap then I walk back into my office lol). Anyways I hope this helps. Cheers, A.