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  1. I have two more questions: -which free valuation sites are you recommend apart from AT and Arnold? And which one is more accurate in your view? I checked and it seems for CAP and Glass you need to be a member. -Is there any Professional Indemnity Insurance available for car dealers like some other trades? Motor insurance just covers up to the point of sales but PII will cover you against future damages. Is it a common practice for the car dealers to have such insurance?
  2. thank you so much. I will do the same. Like all other industries there are plenty of dodgy players in the market. I am happy that I found this forum to avoid big mistakes.
  3. yeah you are right and we do not know anything about the above points and it was the reason that in first place I wanted to ask and just thinking loud. About the pricing cannot agree more. I would say your sales skills have a great say in how much you will get. so, no, I am not confused.
  4. It seems that some members like David and Mojo121 are not helpful at all and even do not bother to read the previous comments carefully!!! I am well aware of the consequences of such malpractice and negligence. but I am new and I know each industry has its own common practices and what i've seen so far (I can say over 5 dealers in my area) that they all said with confidence that they did not check the car and as far as it has a valid MOT it is fine! Also when I checked the MOT history plenty of the cars sold by many dealers do not have fresh MOT and some MOTs are over six months old. you can do a simple research in autotrader. On the other hand, i saw in autotrader that a car (say an old vauxhall) is on the market for £700 with plenty of advisories on its MOT but the same model, age, mileage is being sold for £1,600 with no advisories. So I was wondering that what these people do? go to a mechanic. are they themselves mechanic or they just buy clean and easy cars? So, I wanted to ask this question to see what are you guys doing and what is the common practice. Guys like Casper, No Nothing, Row and Lakeside were helpful and I thanked them and said that I would follow their advice. but the above two seems looking for a kind of virtue preaching!!!
  5. very good advice. thank you all.
  6. thanks. so based on your reply i need to increase the price target. what level you feel safer? £1,000? But honestly almost all of the dealers I've seen did not even do a simple check on these cars and when I asked them they said it has a valid MOT! maybe to say they are not good in the market but the fact that they had over 100 cars in their stock means they are at least making something.
  7. where did i say they are not safe??? as i've read here these kinds of cars are more prone to be faulty and so more returns expected. are you going to have a car worth £700 checked by a mechanic? as I visited couple of car dealers as a buyer for these kinds of cars they just rely on MOT and nothing else. are other care dealers really check to make sure no issues with these cheap cars? it is not what i saw in the dealers i've seen Maybe my question should be this: what do you do to make sure (or become more confident) that these cheap cars are fine and wont make a problem?
  8. Hi, I am new to this business and starting my first trades soon. I've read couple of threads here in this forum about what types of car we should focus. Is it a good idea to buy cheap cars (below £1,500) for the beginning as I need lower capital? I know that they may be faulty (and as they are cheap it is not practical to have them checked by a mechanic) but on the other hands they are selling more quickly. In my area Facebook is very popular for car trading and as I can see cheap car ads are removed sometimes in couple of days.
  9. Actually it is very common that there are misleading points in the government forms and no one asked for your advice about my sharpness. So please mind your own business Mr. Smart! One reason I became interested in this industry was the number of stupid car dealers whom I dealt with!!!!
  10. thank you very much. so no need to mention the demonstration to the purchasers? thanks about part 2 you are right. It was a typo.
  11. Hi, I want to apply for my first trade plates and I have some questions about VTL301 form. Sorry if they are too basic and silly! 1-I want to apply as a sole trader (not a limited company). is it possible? 2-It asks about the type of business. I want to buy and sell new and used cars and so I am a Motor Trader and also a Dealer. Which options should I choose? 3-It asks how will I be using it. I will use it to move the bought cars and demonstrate them to the purchasers. Should I just write that? Thanks