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  1. Cannot remember all the sites .www.jrseco.com Scientific American, health risks .com spring to mind . You tube is about as reliable or unreliable as any other source. For example when we were leaving the EU I was interested to see European parliament footage on there showing support and serious dissatisfaction from other countries when we were leaving. None of which i saw reported on BBC or ITV made me realise that even in this country we are not ment to know Everything !! There are Nutters on there but some good stuff aswell. At the end of the day none of us know for certain. I am staying open minded and as yet do not necessarily believe one side or the other.
  2. Not necessarily as far fetched as you may think. Basic idea is the technology uses a frequency very close to medical frequencies and we have all seen nurses get out of the way when you have radio therapy which is used for cancer treatment by suppressing the immune system. There is a video on you tube with a guy on you tube checking out dangerous levels of radiation in Sydney where they have quietly rolled this out in certain streets and because it uses microwaves the masts have to be only about 100m apart. The theory is the 5g radiation is suppressing peoples immune system hence making them far more vulnerable and suffering worse from the virus than would be expected. The big cities around the world who have had 5G roll out seem to be suffering worst. Also more reports of other sickness than before. Plenty of Doctors on you tube before this happened saying they are concerned about the health effects of 5G as the technology is vastly different from 3 and 4G. Government, telecom companies other people with vested interest unsurprisingly saying its fine........... bird and insects near these masts suffering For me the jury is out and I am definitely not dismissing it out of hand........plenty of stuff on line .
  3. Thanks for the condolences!! Worse for the customer, I dont like to see a fellow business suffering through seemingly no fault of their own......You never know when it could be your turn! Had worse things happen in my life but dont want too many more like that. Hopefully when its over, there will be pent up demand for vehicles and we will all be complaining we 're sold out and its too hard to buy stock. Rest assured some business sectors are having it away now.
  4. To date I have been firmly in the carry on as normal camp and I intend to remain there as much as possible. But today had my first wake up call. Order for 3 new vans cancelled by a corporate catering company who have been decimated by cancellations for the rest of the year. They are not bullshitters they are genuine successful business people to date. They don't want to answer the phone or look at emails ..just cancellations NO bookings. Knock on effect is lost sale on 3 new vans and 2 good p/ex's. ie 5 deals. I can buy one as there is no work for the forseable. Massive turnaround in just three weeks.
  5. Been busted myself for this. 55 mph in the inside lane of the A14 minding my own business. Traffic cop pulls me over. End up with £30.00 fine for incorrect use of trade plates and £100.00 for obscuring the vehicles reg no. Both displayed outside the vehicle but over plates. Got to be proud of our boys in blue, he got two offences out of an easy stop. His parting shot was Ha Ha I'm the only copper who bothers about this stuff round here. A week later the Mrs was driving out of town in her Cayenne and was pulled over for tinted windows, told the correctly spaced private plate was suspect (we've had it 20 years and its not) . Result £50.00 fine while he got her to struggle and de tint the windows on the spot. The car was tinted when a demo and no one including my MOT tester friends had noticed the tint was SLIGHTLY illegal. This stop took just under an hour and I guarantee he could have found real crime within a hundred metres many times within that hour. In fact illegally parked cars with roma plates were in the same main road. My take on it is, cautions would have been good enough or maybe one fine for the tradeplates. Neither of us have criminal records or associates both natives, taxpayers and in our fifties . First offence on both counts. Easy stops but my opinion of the local traffic cops round here has not improved.
  6. Great. Thanks Dealer. Another option to check out
  7. Brilliant! Thanks David , strangely virtually went past their door today chasing stock totaly unaware. Hope to return the favour one day.
  8. Looking for my first bit of help please ! I have recently dealt a few high spec high mileage (140,000 plus) vehicles with good success. But have now encountered the problem of finance companies the two brokers I use losing their appetite at 120000 - 130000 miles. I also notice that some dealers offering finance packages on higher mileage cars. Please can someone point me in the right direction. Many Thanks
  9. Loving this thread, great to see motor trade banter is still alive and kicking. David Horgan ,large 4x4,s have been considered but warranting Range Rovers scares me ! Used to be fairly safe with the Landcruisers, Hilux, 4 tracks etc but not so sure now. Back in the day even had a Shorrocks supercharged Range Rover 3.5 with a body kit and alloys that made it look like a Suzuki bigfoot jeep.....tasteful!. After the novelty had warn off was wedged with it for ages but funnily enough managed to unload it to a trader outside Belmont Auctions in the end. Off to the pub now for large chilli and chips and a few guinness.......you dont get a body like this without feeding it!
  10. Thanks for the great welcomes !. All I can say is I am a pretty sensitive fellow when it comes to weight but when I got on the scales this morning the reading was " one at a time please"
  11. Morning , Have been lurking for a year or so thought I should introduce myself and thank you all for the valuable information gained already. I have returned to the motor trade after a break of over 20yrs during which time I managed to build and sell a financial services firm and retain a small property business. The FCA compliance and the last load of exams I took made me realise although I had made reasonable success of it there were 20 odd years I hadnt enjoyed and could nt replay so I needed to change before its too late. The start of my motortrade career in the early eighties was washing vehicles in the morning and petrol pump attendant in the afternoons. Was nt very good at being employed ended up self employed at the age of 21. The things You miss thread tickled me striking many chords. I was one of the boys from "the country" taking shiney japanese stuff with "ahem" mechanical challenges which certain groups found appealing! down to Belmont Charlton. " lovely Blue bird estate freshly in from the country ideal for runs to the wholesalers during the day minicabbing in the evening, by the way marvellous jacket you have their sir must bring me back one next time you are home will you start me at 2 grand!" Great well spoken Auctioneer could write a book on that place. Fast forward to now have10 to 15 in stock and have ranged from £1495 upto 20 odd grand all different stuff but still havent found my niche. In the past I have had phases on mk1 minis, rover P5b's, 7 series volvos, 3,5,7 series BM, 2.8 Capris and Yanks but still looking for my modern speciality. Minis were in the very early days have trouble getting into one now! Any way that is probably enough , I am enjoying myself again and look forward to interacting in this forum and helping if I can. Cheers for now Fatboy