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  1. Nope just say your dealing with a key worker. Worked for me
  2. Get on to Ashley at UK Global, several members have got great service off him. Including me
  3. I managed to speak to DVLA yesterday regarding v62’s as it was for a key worker. the simple answer is they are not processing any postal forms being v5’s v62’s etc for the foreseeable future due to staff shortages. however they did click the magic button in order for my customer to tax at the post office. google the key worker line and you will be able to speak with someone.
  4. Unfortunately all you can do is wait, sometimes as I did if you get a direct email for the person you’re dealing with you maybe able to push it on a bit faster
  5. Indeed me too. 10 years since I did, will see what’s in bca up there...
  6. Certainly got very busy my end. 4 since Saturday which is what I expect to do prior to C 19
  7. I couldn’t agree more I’ve been fortunate enough to sell a few cars over the last few weeks but replacing them at the right price is proving difficult. I’ve only managed to get lucky with a couple from BCA
  8. Couldn’t of said it better!
  9. If they come near my place once open theyll have a Rottweiler chewing there arse!!
  10. Made me laugh reading this
  11. Ring your local parts supplier and ask them to look at the OE site from the reg. failing that they send me both options and charge for the ones I require
  12. In all fairness I’ve been quite lucky with BCA Bridgwater, ended up getting tucked up with the odd one but as a rule of thumb there ok. Unless your buying cars that are nearly new I don’t personally think there’s much difference between buying a 5 year old or 10 year old focus