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  1. Hello BHM. I have told the customer numerous times to call me. Repeatedly he doesn't call. As stated above by Mark101 I agree. I don't like contact via text message but in this case I now have written correspondence and can quote with evidence what has been said if the matter goes further. My normal course of business is to phone up as soon as possible in the case of repairs. But again as said I now have proof of him misusing the vehicle and making unauthorised repairs then requesting money towards the vehicle. The advice is much appreciated.
  2. Firstly, thank you for the responses. When you ask what checks/PDIs I use, I use a 45 point check list that covers interior, exterior, electrical parts e.g. mirrors, central locking and more. Bodywork condition. Road test, fluid levels and light checks. I have a form I complete with every car all signed and dated by myself. The customer doesn't sign this form. I also keep photographs of the car so there is some proof of the condition the car is in. If there's anything I can do additionally in the future to reinforce the paperwork I do already, what would you advise. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum so you'll have to bare with me. Just wanting some advice/opinions really. About 2 weeks ago I sold a car for £3000 to a customer. The customer collected the car at 7:30pm. He had around a 2 hour drive home. At around 11pm the same night, I get a message saying they're having a few minor issues that need repairing. I offered to repair the car which I'm always happy to do if there is a genuine issue. I then get a message saying he has repaired the issue himself but now there is another little fault. Again, I offer to repair if the car is brought back to me and I even offer to cover the cost of fuel to get it back to me for repairs. After a few days without a response I get another message saying that now this issue has been fixed by himself (not a reputable garage I can follow up to check the work has actually been carried out, so no receipt for proof of repair). You can guess where this is going next, the customer is now saying he has found more faults and I need to pay for the repairs. As I've said, I've offered to repair the car for him and even cover his fuel for him getting too and from my premises. Now he's stating I should repair a chip on the window screen which wasn't there when I sold the vehicle. He's also stated he has done in excess of 100mph in the car and there is a slight shake when braking at that speed. Again, I offer to repair at my expense as I have with everything else but he doesn't seem to want to bring me the car to do the repairs. I get yet another message saying there is even more issues with the car (I'm now getting suspicious the faults don't actually exist). I've offered a full refund for the full sale price of the car, now he's saying he wants extra money for the repairs he has done (which there's no proof of). Now I'm been threatened with trading standards. The thing is any car I sell that does end up needing repairs, I always happily oblige and repair the car to make sure my customers are happy and I retain a good reputation for my business. I am a small independent holding a stock of 8-10 cars on average. Where do I stand with this customer, as I've offered a refund for the sale price I don't see what more I can do. I've been trading for around the 2 year mark now and this customer is harder to deal with than every other customer I've had combined. Any knowledge any one on here has to where I stand with this situation would be much appreciated (I don't know what more I can do). Thanks. Jordan.