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  1. I could re register in the wife’s name but then your back to square one with buyers fees for the first 11 cars.....
  2. Thanks all, it’s so frustrating. I use an Apple Mac & was only logging on to see what price a certain car was but when I entered the live auction the volume was on full, completely deafening, as I was trying to turn it down an on screen volume emblem came up which is what I clicked on to adjust the volume however this didn’t work so I continued with the buttons but the volume emblem was obviously over the bid button. I had no idea I’d placed a bid until I received the email with the invoice. I phoned up immediately & was told someone would investigate then I phoned again Monday & someone else said I have to pay or they’ll suspend my account. It’s a Skoda felic. I trade part time as I generally have mid week days off & would love to give my job up one day & be a full time dealer but it’s not currently sustainable enough. Each year I buy more with the dream being next year it may be possible. If I bid in a physical auction & give my account number at the rostrum surely they’ll let me buy the car once the hammers fallen or they’ll have to re enter it in the next sale? Something they could do with a dam Skoda.......?
  3. Has anyone bought by accident on a BCA live auction? This happened to me totally by accident whilst trying to adjust the volume on my computer, it’s a car that’s 3 times more expensive than I’d normally purchase & make that I’ve never bought before. I’ve spoken to BCA & they have said I have to pay for the car or suspend my account...I’ve just tried to put a bid on a car tomorrow on line & it says I’m not registered to do so... What will happen when I’m bidding at the auction if I buy a car, give my account number then go to pay, will they let me have the car ? I’m a gold member & probably bought 50 in the last 12 months. Any advice would be so helpful, also information on any decent auctions in the Chester, North Wales , Manchester areas.