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  1. Daft question but looking at the the 50k loan - I notice the total interest repayment over 6 years is £3177 which equates to £44 a month, however on the illustartion it states repayment for month 13 (end of first year interest free) is £937.50? Can someone please clarify this for me please . Cheers Huggins
  2. Thanks Billy appreciate your help. There is no link to my district council for the grant, from the small list of 5 or 6 on that page. Assume mine are slow to act (would not surprise me! )and I will hear from them in due course.
  3. Hi have just looked at my local council web page and the only mention of the fund I can find is the "we will contact " part? What did you search for / what did the application look like on your council website please?
  4. Thanks I was slightly concerned by the initial don't contact us we'll contact you!
  5. Can you please let me know where to apply. Last post I read on this forum, we were advised to wait for local council to contact us next month? I agree with everyone it feels very weird to be fully winding down with no real time frame at the moment. I am trying not to worry about the price drop on my existing stock?!
  6. Am I missing something with this fund? The fund doesn't take into account the overheads for us car dealers. A mobile hairdresser for instance would have virtually no overheads and can wait for this pandemic to pass but those of us with sites or workshops etc have to cover off all our fixed overheads from this grant? Which would leave me just about breaking even on the business (but with a residential mortgage still to pay and a wife and children to feed and provide copious amounts of toilet roll for :))
  7. Thanks for the heads up CJ. Do you get much from this outfit? if so are the appraisals generally up to scratch? and which vendors are the most reliable and which to avoid! Thanks again
  8. BCA Appraisals aren't much better in my opinion, probably worse on the whole. A grade 2 can have 10 plus points on the damage sheet?! So time consuming having to read them all in depth because the system is so unstandardised.
  9. My fix was to run "cc cleaner" to clean my cache on the PC. It seems cookies cause the problem and have also been causing me problems trying to log into BCA PITA!
  10. Anyone else having a problem with this?
  11. Haha this sounds about right! I use a similar system to you - although as I deeply begrudge giving AT more money to promote my listings ( fist page ) I rely on the customer having the brains to filter the stock themselves Low to High on price. Seems abit hit and miss though some stuff flys out others stick and stick!
  12. Firstly please excuse my extreme stupidity - Maths is not a strong point and I'm new to commercials and's been a long day! I have a commercial up for £8250 + VAT, customer has a small fiesta van wants 3k but it's has no VAT. How do I account for the p/x on the invoice to ensure I account for the VAT due to be collected on my van correctly? £8250 + vat itemised £1650 (£9900) - £3000 p/x = £6900 from customer then P/X goes on books at 3k etc? Final question fiesta van 2011 with 5 owners? I usually try to avoid high owners but is this common on small van abit like convertibles, in terms of they change hands quite often! Many thanks for any help as always
  13. Excellent - I've just come back to check on this. Thanks for all the tips - really appreciate it. Great forum this - just hope I can contribute something useful to return the favours.
  14. ... I wouldn't be extolling the virtues!!
  15. Whilst waiting for my phone to ring , I've noticed that the rear box on one of my BMW's is looking very black in the photo's! Tried some wire wool and brasso with limited success, it's an ex-lease car so exhaust probably hasn't been touched for 4 years, looks like it needs to be soaked overnight to aid cleaning , any advice on the best product / method.