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  1. Even when a vehicle has a SORN it usually shows up saying it's SORN when you reg check it, what's the vehicles registration (if you don't mind sharing it?) - I often do vehicle checks with https://www.rapidcarcheck.co.uk and they offer support even if you’re not a customer.
  2. Facebook ads is great if you target the right demographics, for example you don't want to target 65+ if you’re selling a Subaru Impreza lol. Unless your targeting ASBO grandads (think there’s about 10 in the country?).
  3. Another alternative is (If your website is good enough) you could try advertising using Google AdWords as well. They usto offer a free code for 75 quid ads.
  4. Yes, if you are a business owner you understand the importance of reviews but that's more than can be said about the general public. Personally, if i have a bad experience i would let the company know before posting a bad review (but then that rarely happens with members of the public). I think the main concern is time when leaving a review for a used car and a lot of customers worry if they leave a review too soon and something goes wrong, they will be kicking themselves further down the line. - Try sending them an SMS & email a few weeks after they have purchased with a direct link to the review page (to make it easy) and ask for their honest feedback - maybe something along the lines of "How are things going with your new car?" - If you're happy could you take the time to leave an honest review, if you have any issues contact us on 0800.....
  5. Sometimes an incentive can work well, funny thing is if it's a bad experience then they almost always leave a review lol
  6. Personally, i can't see it being wrong twice (hence the U-turn). It was set to zero on 15th July 2013, then 1204 on 13th July 2015 - if the MOT tester got it wrong i would suspect it would be because he added an extra digit or one less by the means of a typo.
  7. Yeah lol, i managed to haggle him down to a cheap price but i have done a U-turn on the idea now, check out the MOT history: FA03 OBR - Yikes!
  8. I have been looking at a ford transit van (24k miles and it's 2003). My only concern is the mileage history is a bit worrying, whilst it may have had a genuine engine swap would this put anyone else off buying it. The seller has come down quite a lot in price and it seems like a good deal.
  9. Cat litter absorbs the smell of smoke, just make sure it’s not a used tray lol