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  1. After starting the discussion last week I noticed this article in the news it basically says that Manheim Auction will be disposoing of up to 400 cars per week that have been sourced by we want any car, as I understand the situation, Manheim either own or are investors in wewantanycar and are therefor sourcing their own stock and selling it, again i can not see how this differs from having your own garage and being responsible for the cars mechanical well fare for 3 to 6 months, yet a car sold through the Auction is sold as seen. You try and do that from a pitch or a garage and see how quickly Trading Standards take you to court, Im not advocating that garages shouldnt give warranties, but the Auctions are clearly attracting more Private Buyers, they compete at Auctions with Traders and drive the prices. I personally think this is a loophole that should be looked into, needs to be a level playing field where the Auctions are seperated for Trade and Private, all cars at the Private Sale should have been inspected,all the necessary checks carried out, the car should have a Warranty, they should get the chance to test drive it and bring a "Lunatic who they refer to as a Knowledgable Friend" <------- Dont get me started, or a mechanic, Lets see how many Staff they need to employ to do that, and what effect it has on the prices!
  2. I may be flogging a dead horse here, but BCA own webuyanycar so they are not a third party and BCA are not the middle man, unless the we buy any cars stuff goes through another auction firm they are effectively sourcing and selling their own stock, ps I'm not that fond of Barrie but Mr Crampton is worse
  3. the no warranty bit doesnt show up on my iphone so will read later but what about a car that is bought by webuyanycar and then sold through the auction, its not a px disposal from a trader, its been bought specifically, and then sold to a private?
  4. So British Car Auctions bought We Buy Any Cars, good source of cheap vehicles for their Auctions Auction Day at BCA you cant swing your Glasses Guide round with out hitting 10 Shell Suit Wearing Private Buyers pushing a pram round A garage cant sell a car to a private without giving a Warranty, but Private Buyers can stand next to a Trader at an Auction and drive the prices up So my question is, if a Private can buy a car at an Auction without a warranty, why cant the trade sell cars without a Warranty? At least at a garage they can have a test drive and examine the car properly, they cant do that at Auction As it would seem the Auctions are encouraging private buyers to attend their sales, i suggest they should be made to give warranties too This is a guess at best, but I am sure that BCA/Webuyanycar will now be one of the largest retailers of used cars in the UK ( allegedly ) If the car is bought by webuyanycar BCA is the buyer and the retailer, if a private buys a car then surely he should be given a warranty? I know one thing for certain, if Auctions had to give a Warranty on the cars they sell to Joe Public, there would be barbed wire and a moat round them to keep the privates out The subject is open for discussion Does anyone agree, or disagree ?
  5. I dont get attached to cars, so I've never really sold one that i wish i had kept for myself. Perhaps the closest was the brand new Boxster 550 Anniversary Special that I bought in 2004 however I've sold plenty of cars to customers who i wished i hadnt sold them to, heres just 3 examples
  6. :-) thanks for the advice but seen as ive already been in the Motor Trade for over 40 years its just come a little too late
  7. Perhaps I'm too suspicous, I suppose it could just be a coincidence that some road side trader has parked his Citroen with a for sale sign in it, in the lay-by directly opposite the Citroen Main Dealer :-)
  8. I give up, if your moral compass isnt working then i cant point you in the right direction. even if they didnt take business off me, i still wouldnt want a line of someone elses cars parked out side my pitch that i was paying a fortune in rent and rates and they were paying nothing for exactly the same real estate. And if you think these people are just trying to start a business youre kidding yourself, the person i saw the other day had a loop with at least 50 car keys on it, he had a business and it was a big one with no premises, no overheads, no come backs and probably no taxes or vat. If someone operates a business where the only point of contact is a pay as you go phone and a spot on the A6 where the car used to be parked, to my mind there can only be one reason
  9. Kido, you have missed the point, im not having a pop at the traders who are confident enough in their cars that they are prepared to sell them from home, where they could be found at any time of the day or night by disgruntled punters, or visited by trading standards should there be a dispute. I'm talking about the pond life who park their cars on a public road near a reputable garage and try to hijack their customers with their no overheads, shiny shit mobiles, and their only means of contact is a pay as you go mobile thats sim card which will be in the bin as soon as Joe Gullible hands over his cash. I am also willing to bet that most of these road side private/traders who do go on to open their own garages are the ones who will also go on to star in tv programs too, like watchdog and rogue traders
  10. They are parasites, plaguing local car dealers by strategically parking their piles of auction fodder as close as they can get to the legitimate dealers pitches, hoping that the dealer attracts a customer by spending thousands and thousands a year on rent, rates, staff, insurance, advertising, paying vat and income tax, but because the customer has to drive by all their cars before he gets to you, maybe, just maybe the customer is stupid enough to stop and buy one from there lay-by display Theres a Citroen Main dealer close to the centre of Preston they must pay a fortune in business rates, directly across the road from them theres a lay-by thats just big enough to park 4 cars, yesterday there were 4 cars parked there, all for sale, and all belonging to private/traders. But for sheer cheek you cant beat this one that i saw a while back, Saturday afternoon parked on double yellow lines on the main shopping high street in Preston with a for sale sign in it, yep he may have got a thirty pound parking ticket, but just imagine how much a day it would cost to open the doors if you had a showroom there
  11. i was looking at a repair on a mini door, firstly the repair was awful, well actually it was pathetic, the paint was the wrong colour, it had been masked badly, there was paint all over the door trim, which actually clips off in seconds, the paint and laquer were already starting to peel off round the door handle, as the surface obviously hadnt ben flatted or degreased properly, the car would retail at £6000 but with the door like that, i doubtt if it would ever sell at all, every single bit of the repair was shoddy and unnacceptable at any price, yet someone, somewhere has signed a satisfaction note, then jumped in it and driven off