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  1. We always seem to have issues with Vauxhalls our most recent were two cars from the same place, a 14 plate astra 1.4 only on 20k miles (sounded like tappets on test drive so wasn't too fussed at the time) this one actually required a new engine apparently the oil filter tore itself apart and scrapped the whole engine (local vauxhall dealers words) and the other one was a 61 plate vauxhall insignia 1.6 around 40k miles it was fine in all gears except 5th & 6th (Was not picked up on test drive small carpark & refused to let us off-site with car) this required a full gearbox rebuild. Needless to say we avoid Vauxhalls unless they're a really good deal or come in p/x
  2. Most of our test drives are unaccompanied unless it's a sportier/ more expensive car. but we always take a copy of the drivers licence first regardless and if they don't have one on them we do the driving, customers generally seem to be more positive knowing they're not being watched by the sales staff and feel less pressured.
  3. I've offered to up our RAC warranty to 12 months instead of 3 months mainly on our sticky cars and most people aren't bothered and only want money off. Offering a free valet on a later date has helped but only money talks.