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  1. No i didn't offer him that! That's what he is saying he would accept.
  2. UPDATE The driver (I.e. not the person who was actually invoiced for the vehicle) has just landed with his wifes brother to the office to "sort this out". A long conversation with lots of chat about him not knowing it was crashed (before changing that to denial to "doesn't matter if I did- it wasnt written on the invoice". and it had driven his children and his brother in laws children around and they "could have been killed" etc etc. (happy to ignore the MOT's and 60000 miles it had done without incident). Upshot is he thinks if it hadn't been crashed he could have sold it for 3000 more than he paid for it (yes even 60000 miles later) but he's willing to accept 2000 less than he paid. We have met him part way to that at more than fair value for the vehicle just to make it go away but he is not interested. Had left it with him in writing to think about but he refused to even accept the piece of paper. Has threatened to go to the media and "expose" me. Just another fun day at the office!!
  3. I can see on Cartell that he didn't actually take it through VRT until 4 months after purchase. I would say the miles are correct but will do no harm to ask the questions - thank you.
  4. No I haven't disappeared - just didn't have the notification box ticked so didn't realise there were replies! My apologies for the lack of introduction - never been on a forum before so excuse me. Trading for c3 years and selling primarily commercial vehicles. Thank you to all who took the time to give advice. Much appreciated. For those asking about the VAT position - as above we sell primarily commercial vehicles which are sold +VAT unless it is already lost by being owned by a non VAT registered customer (rare) or in this case as a result of an insurance write off. One other thing might be relevant is that the vehicle was exported out of the UK into ROI (customer is ROI based) Unfortunately don't have copies of adverts from 3 years ago. Would have been on our own website but again once deleted is not recoverable after such a long period.
  5. I have a customer who purchased a vehicle in March 2017. It was a CAT D vehicle and as a result the vehicle had no VAT and was c. 3k cheaper than a similar vehicle advertised in the sales yard. It also had an aftermarket grill and the fact that the vehicle had been in an accident and was categorised was discussed verbally at the time of sale. This was not however documented on the invoice. The customers brother (whom the vehicle was purchased for) has in the last couple of weeks had the head gasket blow on the vehicle and when he took it into the garage they told him its been damaged repaired (something he now denies he knew) and he says they are saying its not safe to drive. He wants to return the vehicle and a full refund. Despite the vehicle having been through MOT twice since he purchased it and having done nearly 60k miles with him he is threatening legal action because he says its not safe to drive and he was never told it was damaged repaired. We have offered to trade the vehicle back in and replace it with something not categorised but he is not willing to do this as he contends he should not have to pay any extra despite paying much less for his vehicle in the first instance because of its status. He is also refusing to repair the head gasket to bring it back to a driveable condition. Has anyone any experience of a situation like this? any advice on where we stand legally? Many thanks.