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  1. Great thanks, I'll give them a ring today
  2. Can anyone recommend any insurance companies I can try to get quotes from? I'm 21 (will be 22 by the time the policy starts). Tried 6/7 companies so far, only one has been able to provide a quote (TradeX through Clegg Gifford Insurance) which was fairly reasonable given my age, just trying to see if I can try any other places before making a decision. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Great thanks, I've been looking at Autel Maxi! Great thanks Yeah definitely, even the one I have now has been very helpful. Just could do with the extra features that I don't currently have
  4. Hey guys & girls, just wondering what scanner/diagnostics tools you would recommend? I've currently got this one: but it lacks quite a few useful things, like DPF regen and service light reset. It's also very slow, can take up to 10 minutes to scan a car sometimes, and doesn't always connect successfully. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, does anyone have any recommendations on companies to try for Motor Trade Insurance for a 21 year old? Struggling to find anywhere that'll even quote me tried contacting most of the companies on first couple pages on Google search, but not had any luck so far. Also, I know it's a very broad question (due to the amount of variables), but what should I be expecting to pay if I can find anywhere that'll insure me, £3k, 4k, 5k...? Thanks in advance!
  6. That's exactly what I mean by like an issue that doesn't really effect the car, but yeah that seems like a good way to go as well, thank you.
  7. Great thank you! Pretty much what I expected. Yeah definitely don't aim to sell a car that isn't mechanically sound, but I'm sure there'll be one that ends up having an issue which doesn't effect the car and won't be worth putting right - so just wanted to see if it's a case of getting scrapped/auctioned or if we'd be in a position to sell it still.
  8. Just to put into context is all. If you're trying to suggest I'm seeking advice here for an actual issue you'd be wrong, I haven't even started trading cars yet - just trying to cover all bases so I have the best understanding possible, will help aid decisions when buying cars to sell and what to do with px'ed cars etc...
  9. Hi guys! Another question/query. If you sell a car that has issues, and the customer knows of these issues before buying it, are you still liable for those issues? For example, say I've got a very cheap, sub £1k car that has a light oil leak, which has been highlighted as an advisory on an MOT. It might not be worth fixing, but the car drives well, and it's it's only a very minor leak, but it isn't worth fixing, let's say it costs £500 to fix. If this is highlighted to the customer before they buy it and they're okay with it, are you, the dealer, still liable for that problem (even if the customer accept/acknowledge the problem before agreeing to buy it)? Obviously this isn't something I plan to do and probably something that isn't recommended, just curious as to what the answer is
  10. Thank you everyone for the advice! Wasn’t expecting this many responses haha, I really appreciate it. One question I have is, are motor traders allowed to sell a car “sold as seen” so you have no responsibility for the condition of it? Say you have a scenario where you’ve got a car that’s been part ex’d and it’s not something you would usually sell or clearly has a problem - or is it just a case of sending it off to an auction?
  11. Thanks for the advice, I won't be completely moving away from detailing to do this - if anything it'll be a bit of a USP for the car sales, especially once/if we get into higher value cars. I haven't! Thanks, will look at that! Thanks, really appreciate the different view. I think car sales and detailing can go hand in hand, if done and marketed correctly. As above, it can almost be a bit of a USP to the car sales, as when we get into higher value cars they'll be prepped to a very high quality. Then when a car is sold we'd be able to offer protection packages, etc... The detailing business does work, but I'm always looking on ways to improve, grow and I want to have my eggs in different baskets.
  12. It wouldn't be something we would all be doing on a full-time basis, we all have our main occupations. With three of us it makes it much easier for us all to run this on a 'part time' basis, there's 3 of us to attend auctions and collect cars, myself and my friend are able to prepare (wash, mechanical work, etc...) the cars between ourselves, and we can all be available for car viewings etc... Whereas if there was say just me, it would be difficult to go car auctions and collect cars. I would have to arrange transport to the auction, or invest in a flatbed/trailer. It would be difficult for me to be available regularly for car viewings, especially out of normal working hours. So by having three people involved it basically allows us to have a full-time business, with minimal risk (as none of us need/have to give up our normal occupations until the business is proven) if that makes sense.