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  1. Or deal with a broker who doesnt need you to be, deals with Blue, Close, Oodle etc and pay you a commission...Even better!
  2. Just use Autobahnfinance as a broker, no need to go through the pain of FCA, they have everything from Uber Prime to PL...perfect for smaller amounts!
  3. BIGNIT, drop me a line if you want me to run through someone with you.
  4. Money mostly, and they might be deals you wouldn't have done otherwise.
  5. Always a good broker out there who will do all the hard work for you, even if your not FCA approved (yes I can do that). Comms vary depending on what your volume is like, can be £100 to 5% of borrowed value, real money to be made from it, and no effort required from you. Will get you point of sale material, set up your website with banners links etc. As for bouncing back, the broker I'm talking about will give you a pre delivery check sheet to reduce the chance of rejection, let me know if you want more info.
  6. I know a good broker who can help you out finance wise, you don't have to be fca accredited either. not sure about vat registered though.
  7. Autobahn finance, tell them Adam sent you
  8. Dump Zuto ASAP, they are a waste of breath... I can give you a good alt option if you like...
  9. I use AirVidox, get a whiff and it will chemically castrate you but its great, and comes with a lovely air freshener spray too never failed me yet!!