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  1. its delaying the inevitable for 12 months, lots of people popping the business in 12 months
  2. Yeah, no ones perfect and sometimes you just need a little bit of luck
  3. He does a lot of work with people who have been in trouble (in the past)
  4. Peter Vardy's dad got me one of my first sales jobs in the motor trade, it's easy to ace an interview when Sir Peter personally calls
  5. A boycott won’t happen, everything is price driven in this World, its the Chinese Gov who suppress the population and we have no business being world police, we can recall how that goes
  6. I disagree James, she posts inflammatory topics with regards to car salesman, whether it's to provoke a response or she has a mind boggling level of self awareness I'm not sure
  7. andymc1973


    i didn't realise you had to sign personal agreements on stocking loans
  8. I wish he’d just shut the country, half the ignorant twats are missing the point of social distancing
  9. Never forget your roots brother! Failed car washer today, still a failed car washer tomorrow
  10. Thing is a half way decent mid size Peugeot is around 25k new, you just wouldn’t would you?
  11. you have to email them and give notice, I just cancelled my payment method, typical autotrader and no attempt retain my business