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  1. andymc1973


    i didn't realise you had to sign personal agreements on stocking loans
  2. I wish he’d just shut the country, half the ignorant twats are missing the point of social distancing
  3. Never forget your roots brother! Failed car washer today, still a failed car washer tomorrow
  4. Thing is a half way decent mid size Peugeot is around 25k new, you just wouldn’t would you?
  5. you have to email them and give notice, I just cancelled my payment method, typical autotrader and no attempt retain my business
  6. From when? Anyone know how to cancel? It’s not clear on the site
  7. I’m a legacy customer so what will I be paying? I rarely use it
  8. Guys, Can anyone recommend a garage in the CA15 region? Air bag light on a Volvo v50, thanks
  9. Just, sold an Audi Q7 that went up to Inverness, suspension issues and it went all over the place to get it fixed, ended up at Audi with an almost £4K bill
  10. they don't buy off us, they like new white Q7's etc