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  1. Thanks for all the input , some interesting comments, and some obvious ones, such as sit down and talk it out together, would be ideal to do, but current climate is not good, i wouldnt care if any of my other two business partners has a claim, as it is what happpens in life, and its what insurance is for ! As for asking complete strangers for advise , no not really , we are all in the Motor trade in one way shape or form, so i dont view anyone on here as a stranger , Monday will be interesting
  2. Hi, wondered if anyone else has been in my position and what can i do about the situation, is there a legal route i can take and if anyone can be prosecuted for it, i will explain the position regarding the Insurance policy, we have had had a Motor trader policy for over 20 years now based mainly for the test riding of customers motorcycles after repairs and for diagnostics. We also ( the 3 Co directors of the company) agreed to put our own personal vehicles on the policy, as it worked out cheap as we have so many, i have 4 vehicles, one fellow Director has 25 plus vehicles, and the other about 7, mixture of cars, motorcycles and trucks. I had an accident earlier this year driving to work, and our policy went up by about 3k, our first claim for 20 years and my fellow directors were not happy, but that`s not bad for 20 years covering 3 people and a large number of vehicles; on Friday evening i went to tax my motorcycle online and found out it was not on the MID database, i checked my other vehicles and all those were also missing from the MID , so one of my fellow directors has removed my vehicles from the MID database and not informed me verbaly or in writing, so i have been driving my vehicles without insurance and without my knowledge that i have been doing so. Where do i stand legally on this one ? can i take my fellow director to court for this, as he has basically put me in a position to be prosecuted, and in the event of an accident, my house being on the line for paying damages to a 3rd party in the case of an accident and also crazy as it sounds , also putting our business premises on the line as its owned by the 3 Co directors as a partnership, a seperate entity to the Ltd engineering company that occupies it, and so makes it liable to pay any 3rd party damages in the case of an accident whilst i`m uninsured. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.