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  1. It had one key with the car but I believe that key might not be the original key that came with the car, maybe a key that’s been messed around with by the thieves Just a string of bad luck I’m having lol
  2. Car won’t start, blank VC, no crank it’s being towed wherever it needs to go, can’t locate old keeper new gdpr rules mean no one will give me any info Who’s this tg you speak off
  3. It’s 2014 Range Rover sport stolen recovered with only 24000 miles Yes it was Land Rover in Bolton, spent 6 hours on the car and couldn’t find anything, no service history with the car I’m based in Preston im thinking it has something to do with the key because when they stole it, it got stolen with the key but RR want £1600 for a new key (new bcm,kvm, key for that price)
  4. Range Rover sport 2014 l494 Hi there guys I was driving my car back from auction and then all of a sudden the power cut out and the virtual cockpit is just black All electrics work besides for the VC and engine won’t crank. Also ecus aren’t responding as shown in picturesI had it taken to a dealership and this is what it came back with but they couldn’t fix the problem (see attached)Any solutions
  5. Written off straight away pulling it out of dealers lol. Yup advert clearly said previous owner had an accident car is damaged repaired cat S. No one took pictures besides me but they got deleted. Auction photos got deleted from website 2 months after purchase of vehicle. surely the price must be a factor as it’s considerably less It has a carbon fibre shell, so maybe that had a part to play in the write off Yes that’s right lol, unfortunately it’s not a wind up. Apparently he’s an alfa collector maybe just brought the car and is now bored of it, which I highly doubt, it’s one hell of an animal car tbh Damage was all down the passenger side and the bumper on the passenger side but the dent on the rear quarter classed it as a cat S. The customer took it into a garage due to the wheels crabbing, during that time the mechanic told him that the sill is dented, since the crabbing is normal ( as confirmed by the dealers), his only basis for returning the car is the dent on the sill Got up at 6am to travel with the buyer to knutsford to have the inspection and spent the whole day there, car was not forced on him he chose to buy it, car was sold as advertised no deceit
  6. Only thing regarding the damage was on the invoice for repairs Yes customer signed the invoice Thinks it costing him to much to run lol I brought it damaged as a cat S registered in January 2019 Car was sold for half it’s retail value so that should help to an extent hopefully It was repaired by my mate who repairs all my cars for me, never had a problem before! I lost all the pictures on my phone so couldn’t produce any pre repair pictures, made it very hard to sell! Alfa Romeo 2.9 Giulia Quadrifoglio Nring No mechanical issues except for the crabbing at the wheels which is normal when cold He’s only complaining about the dent which, if it was there at the time of repairing, would have 100% be repaired. I don’t cut corners just for reasons like this It was inspected by mangoletsi knutsford so it was a thorough check
  7. Currently just waiting for his report and then I can see exactly what he’s saying is wrong with the car It looked like light damage, only a ding on the passenger quarter to categorise it as a cat S The car had a full clean health check from mangoletsi in knutsford before it left me, fellas taken it to a garage because the wheels crab when cold when full locked, but that’s normal in this car.. having 4 of these cars previously and dealer confirming that it’s normal too so definitely no fault on that end garage advised him there’s a dent on the inner sill “Sold as cat S, no warranty damaged repaired inspection carried out” He’s saying there’s a dent on the inner sill Yup stated on the invoice that it was inspected by a dealership, surely they should be liable if they’ve missed something out?
  8. Hi lads I was wondering if someone could help me out with this one. I sold a performance car in October as a motor trader to a private individual, it was a damaged repaired Cat S, the buyer took out an independent inspection by a dealership and was happy to commence with the sale, the car sold for half it’s retail value ( if it wasn’t recorded) and I’ve just got a call today saying that the sill has a dent in it and he wants a full refund. I was wondering I stand with this as an inspection was taken out, the car was sold for half it’s value and the buyer was happy to go through with the sale. Its a 2019 car with just under 2000 miles at the time if that’s any use to add to this I wasn’t aware there was this damAge present on the vehicle
  9. Ashley at premier insurance is a good shout
  10. He’s already got one on his private car but this plate is a close match to the one on his private so he wants to put it on all pointless if you ask me but if it makes him happy, why not...I mean it’s not costing me anything so no harm in trying
  11. It Currently has the company name on the v5 but it’s whether they’ll accept the fact that he’s not using it as a personal car He’s already a named driver Not dedicated for stock but Mostly stock and anything else that comes up that needs to be done
  12. That won’t be an option as they could say he’s using it as a personal car
  13. Hi there guys I was wondering if I could get some advice. I’m a motor trader and I have my son employed he’s only allowed to drive a vehicle under business use He wanted to put a private registration on one of my vehicles that he will be using to pick up stock Would this be a problem if he got stopped, could he be accused of using it as a personal car due to the private registration that spells his name Thanks :)