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  1. My intention would be to contact all staff members to see who wants to return to work (subject to not getting a return to business as normal date from the government).If all employees wish to return on the same day i will then create a skills matrix that would include skills,length of service,adaptability etc etc .Just in case any body gets grumpy and harbours thoughts about a constructive dismissal case. I can foresee that getting guys back to work for only a perceived 20% increase in pay is going to interesting.
  2. Given the high prices that piss poor car seem to sell for at auction,maybe sell them through the block ? very little hassle for you and keeps your pitch from getting clogged up with low return headaches.
  3. I will probably use suction pads to place the trade plates inside the of windscreen .One of my concerns is that if i encounter a jobsworth who starts spouting off about rules and regs. I've actually had a visit in our haulage yard from the DVSA who issued us with a PG9 ,which is a roadside prohibition ...........or 'crime' was for the wagon driver having a number plate with his name on it,it was placed against the windscreen at the back of the clocks.Apparently part of the plate was in the sweep area of the wiper arc , the DVSA said it was causing restricted vision,driver removed the number plate ,we were then issued with a PG10 which then allowed us to carry on with our days work. Very annoying and very petty .I would hazard a guess that the same rule could also be used against a car driver with plates in the window.Just a thought...........
  4. My trade plates finally arrived today.Im wondering what you guys are using to display them? 1.wedged in dash with a rag? 2,suction cups? 3,trade plates in a housing with rubber straps(might be better if the rozzers stop the car then at least i can fix them outside the car)? 4, clip on brackets over existing number plate to allow trade plates to be displayed clearly,directly below existing reg plate.Although i would guess that there are quite a few cars with recessed plates that will make this impossible. A ever your thought and ideas are welcome. ps,as this is my 25th post i will be in the lounge soon,where hopefully there will be a monster piss up ongoing!
  5. Hi Mr Bob, After reading some of the replies to your recent used car buying experience,i feel that some of the unhelpful comments just go to show what a shower of shite most motor traders actually are.I think its actually because they are all making so much money that they close ranks to protect their own kind, on average they make at least £2000 cash on every single car they sell,this money gets spent on beer and tabs.So to stop them I think you should buy a new motor every time and remember that most new car dealers have nice coffee and free wifi.
  6. Pistonheads is a very varied site,covers many different motoring and non motoring subjects(Interestingly enough there is also a lot of cars for sale on the site) the point i was making is that there are threads on there that use the 'sticky' concept.
  7. Im finding some really useful information on this forum, such as the links to sites that give info on car specifications and options. So i'm wondering if the moderators could create a sticky that will reside at the top of the topic page.If any one has any specific links then perhaps a comment from a fellow forum member would assist the mods.I think we would all find it easier to visit that page instead of either searching or trying to remember what thread a decent bit of info cropped up on.Perhaps even have chapters for warranty providers,trade insurers,car deliveries etc etc.
  8. Thanks for posting the link ,im finding it very useful
  9. I would suggest a Canon EOS800D, its a good camera with a decent pixel count and also has the flip out rear screen that i find very useful for shooting images at either low levels or elevated shots to capture the best angles for each vehicle.If you want to buy something second hand then perhaps a Canon EOS70D would work well.I use this model and mine gets a regular battering from being carted around construction sites etc . Use the camera in full auto setting until you get used to it,then try using the different settings such as aperture priority to get those shots that you want. Editing is so easy and takes seconds to get the image to your liking.Always take loads of pics and just delete the one s that you dont like.Watch out for background distractions.I actually prefer using a telephoto lens at they have a narrower depth of field that kind of automatically concentrates the focus on the subject (the car) and blur out the rest of the frame.
  10. Firstly can i say.'Fair play ' for asking for your adverts to be critiqued. My thoughts for what they are worth are as follows. Pictures are very generic and lack impact.I first viewed your list of cars and instantly saw that all cars had been photographed from the same front angle for your main advert pic.I'd rotate the pics for each car to show its best angle.Not sure if you use a smart phone but for me a digital camera is great and i find is very easy to make sensible tweeks to the pics.More time taken on focus would be invaluable.If you're going to take pics of things like gearknobs etc,then knowing how to use depth of field settings makes a huge difference. Youtube has some tutorials that ive used and found very useful,same goes for the photography section on Pistonheads. The wording of your adverts perhaps need a bit of personalisation they are perhaps a bit 'robotic' at the moment.The prices all look right so it could just be the January blues. Best of luck
  11. Peter,go round and nut the cunt.Let us know how you get on.
  12. Am just in process of applying for my plates. OK,so this might be a piss brained idea but can you not just unscrew the existing reg plates and display those in the car window and simply attach your trade plates in the now vacant aperture?
  13. I would like to wish all forum members a prosperous New year.I have found this site an invaluable resource and will continue to learn from you guys and maybe contribute a little as well.
  14. Just to add to this thread as to how i got on....................ended up visiting the local detailing store.Got a product from Chemical guys called foaming citrus.I wasn't expecting much as the car in question had been to a valeters but this stuff is amazing.It shifted some heavy duty staining from fabric seats with little effort.Diluted it down as per instructions,blotted off any excess damp with a microfibre cloth and let car run with heater on.Really impressed !!