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  1. Got a 2019 BMW new shape that they put out at £25k as old shape £26500, and the world is expected to trust them with price indicators
  2. Good post with good points many will agree with, we do high spec stuff and just feel they are taking the P. Have dropped number we have with them from 46 and halved it, told rep we can’t find enough cars at the ‘right price’. I cannot imagine this sort of thing would happen in any other trade it’s just ridiculous.
  3. Will look into some of the suggestions, thanks all
  4. Been cleaning our own cars for 30 odd years now and I must admit it’s my least favourite aspect of the job. Every time we farm something out we end up doing it again. Currently using Austosmart Mirror Image but can’t stand the smell also you look at a car that’s been outside for a few days after waxing and you thinks it’s scratched all over as well as black trims being white - and we are careful. Anyone using anything at the moment that they are really pleased with?
  5. Have done a few, nobody has mentioned them which is strange as they are very prominent. Have had people calling on great price sticker cars and the first question has been what’s best price - but that’s the public. I honestly thought AT would have pulled the idea, it’s not fit for purpose on many levels. I think they’ve actually moved prices down in the last few weeks when as per everything has gone up in January. But they must be right as they are never wrong
  6. Gave up Cap and Glasses yonks ago out of frustration - they were often £5k in disagreement on a new car price on say a £25k car so what chance is there on used prices! The VW tool is very good I find. Retail back is the only way but that’s near impossible at the moment, on price checking a 66 golf match edition of ours last week there is a £3k spread on out prices, crazy. Wbac all over the place too headline prices top heavy at the moment, just no way they will be able to honour a lot of them. Strange times!
  7. It’s easy enough to put a reg number in Govt’ Ulez Checker website and print off results, some diesel Minis 64 plate were Ulez compliant so don’t rule out any 15 plate without checking. September 15 onwards and they had to be EU6. Agree with advice given above in this case, hopefully you can come to an agreement with the customer where he keeps car. Mercedes were a nightmare for misinformation but that seems to have been resolved, many that were EU6 and showed as being EU5. Best one I’ve had was a guy buying a GLA who asked me to prove it was EU6 which I did, then puts a private plate from his last car on and receives numerous fines. Dvla can’t work out how to get round that - frightening. Customer got hump so much he wants to trade in again - and that’s after we explained it was the plate and to revert to age related plate! Not fit for purpose
  8. It does work but will bring a marker on that doesn’t stay on long, well for me anyway. Btw Nick yours are live your silver C Class shows high.
  9. You have to re do advert without putting reg and delete original ad. Will try what Nick suggested with no vin to see what happens with Experian and finance example.
  10. Still waiting for one of those calls, got plenty £2-3k overpriced and one £2k under priced - that’s how absurd it is. Someone we know has got a 2019 Audi 2019 £10k under! I’ve seen fair priced £2995 cars nearly £700 above market. All it is, is more misinformation (they call transparency), in quest to become CarGurus. Can understand your caller Contracts asking the question and you are lucky to have someone else on it so quickly, but the first guy might realise he missed the best out there and it’s only AT that can be blamed. I can safely say after being with AT since the magazine days this is by far the craziest thing they have come up with.
  11. I see it’s gone live now on pc but not yet mobile - strange. It not only says high price but tells the amount overpriced in their opinion. Removing reg removes marker but also removes Experian check and paid for finance examples! Another dealer I spoke to was told by his rep to ‘not buy high spec cars anymore’. You couldn’t make it up!
  12. No you are probably right EPV, it’s a 2 series not that that changes much. With this particular car how can £6100 equate to £600 on such a late car was my thinking, it’s wrong imo. I can live with no sticker but we all know the red is just another hurdle. Regards
  13. Had a go at our rep today - as usual a waste of time, then this afternoon get the email that 88% of punters expect better transparency (they don’t care about admin fees though obviously). I’ve got a 1 year old 2000 mile bmw with £6100 of extras that they allow an extra £600 for. Sometimes you feel like giving up, but there’s always tomorrow!
  14. Funny how prices are more critical now and there will be 5 levels yet no mention of admin fees still, as ever, as transparent as mud!