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  1. Well this post went rather sideways, just like a "Jag" (clarkson voice) I'm already loving the discussions you guys have, thanks again for welcoming me, Now if you want to go sideways for a few hundred quid without care, MX-5 (old, new dos not matter) As for the electrics, they are on another level off the line, that instant power gives you such a rush without making any noise, i'm sure everyone knows about reaching a climax discreetly
  2. Thanks for welcoming me with open ...... arms! (too early) So just getting a hang of how to navigate on this forum, so bare with me guys. I'm a part time sole trader, with the intention of becoming full time and eventually manufacturing electric automobiles. Bringing Britain Back to the future. I have a background in both mechanics and the arts so this will be interesting! They say if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough, so I want you all to be afraid BE VERY AFRAID Thanks again PS, Ok, lets get seriou (hello to you too)
  3. Hello cruel crazy convoluted(thats a big word) world I'm NH, you can call me 'eN' (the E is silent) starting off in my venture into the motor industry. a dabble here, a dabble there, all I'm looking for is to find my chair, but all I seem to do is lose my hair! Ok, lets get serious.. I thank you guys for being here, you guys are super helpful and this forum is invaluable, I plan to learn and eventually earn my way on here and out there in the real world! I plan to overstay my welcome for as long as possible btw, thanks for having me. Thanks Guys!!!