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  1. Hello all, I'm currently working as a 'self-employed' movement & collection driver based in the Midlands, I've been moving fleet vehicles around the UK on a hourly rate through an App based logistics company. I'm looking to develop in this side of the industry and wanted to ask if in your opinions there is any scope for driver movement of anything from auction purchases to classic cars and vans via private buyers, small garages and large outfits etc etc If yes then what is the best way about gaining work? Maybe advertising in magazines? A website? Social Media? I understand i need insurance and trade plates and this is something i'm keen to get asap, since starting I've been amazed by how many vehicle transporters I've seen on the roads and was also wondering about investing in a transporter but firstly i'm trying to gain a better understanding about the potential. Looking forward to any advice, Cheers, Mark