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  1. Cheers for the info guys al update u on it as it’s going in on Wednesday and the guy is a genuine reliable guy who’s been in business for 30 yrs so he will pull it apart and prob will be a renew of dmf and clutch all keep u all posted and thanks again for the help it’s appreciated Battery was tested and came back as good on battery tester
  2. How can a be sure it’s the clutch ave had it at 2 different clutch garages and they couldn’t find anything referring to a nackered dmf or clutch as they said it wid be rattleing but car drives great ,just now and again as in once a week maybe it makes a ruff blblblblblbl on start up then it starts Sorry a ment nackered clutch or dmf
  3. Any suggestions what the prob would be it only happens once a week or so I didn’t realise they were incredibly rare are they good and would you recommend or can you give me any info about my problem Much did it cost to fix it mate
  4. I have a mokka 2013 teckline 17 cdti diesel and some times when after I’ve driven it maybe 10 miles and engine temp is at usual and if I stop car and go into a shop etc and come out when I put the clutch down to start up engine it sometimes sounds like a tractor starting up and the clutch pedal falls to the ground then it flicks back up and is normal again and engine starts when I try again can anyone help this only happens now and again but car drives perfect all the time
  5. Hi I have a Vauxhall 17 cdti teckline and sometimes only after I’ve drive it for a while and then maybe stop At shops or watever when I put my foot down in clutch to start engine it sounds like a tractor trying to start and then I try again and it starts can anyone help with advice