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  1. Today I have give my notice for a t. Who is going to join me. Am sick of a t with the new price marker.
  2. At the moment nowhere prices are so high.. Try to go private
  3. Well we all know that we are working for A T without us they will have a small office in manchester. The Manager director from auto trader bought himself a private plane . I wish one day all the motor trader Get together and Put cancellation in..
  4. Price will going up next year march 2020
  5. My auto trader account manager came out to see today..that's how I know
  6. Hi people Am Sorry to give you some bad news Auto trader is going to tell customers how long you had the car up for sale will not happen now some time in February or March... March next year the price will go up by £200 plus vat. They want to be like Car Gurus