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  1. Hi tradegirl, thanks for this. BMW in Milton Keynes who look as though they are going to give a bit of a goodwill reduction. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your contributions on this one. To confirm, BMW have quoted a maximum of £1.6k for 12 hours to try and establish the exact cause, and costs could rise up to 10k for a new engine, which is not going to happen. I think one or two of you have nailed it with your realistic estimation of the costs.. The mileage is 96k by the way, so not excessive by any means.
  3. Just some advice. My X1, 2014 place, full BMW service history as gone in for repairs, due to a loud rattling sound. I’ve just been informed that it is a timing chain issue and I’ve been quoted from 1.6k upto 10k to repair. It’s just been serviced with no indication of this issue. Where do I stand on this , any suggestions?