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  1. Thanks for all the input. Finance is something I will require at the price point I am aiming at. As for training that is ongoing and always will be just the way modern motoring is. For sourcing stock I’m fully aware that won’t be easy and by no means will there be a handful of cars on my doorstep. I only said that as I have been approached a few times about selling cars on behalf of customers, just my garage looks more like a showroom than your standard backstreet outfit. Repairs will still remain the main focus of my business. Lots to consider and will give it more thought over the new year.
  2. Was having a look at the trade licence and it asks how many licences you are applying for. What exactly does it mean by this I though the licence covered your business overall for all cars under it or is a per car basis.
  3. That was what I was thinking in the case that they live nearby I foot the warranty fully aware of the risks involved with that and in the case that the customer is not nearby offer a suitable warranty from a provider. Is there anything else I should be considering?
  4. Currently set-up is workshop with 2 full time and one part time with the possibility of going full time. Planning on sourcing stock from private sales focusing on clean examples. There is an auction in our town but haven’t really considered that as an option. There is a possibility to sell stock from some of our existing customers cars as we see a lot of new cars on a daily basis. Currently have space for upto 5 cars without disrupting our current business with the possibility of an additional unit to house more stock.
  5. Looking at cars upto 6 years old in the price range of 5 to 30k depending. Most of our current clients have good clean examples which so hopefully help further sales. As for warranties is there anyone you personally recommend.
  6. Hi all, First post on the forum. Currently an independent garage looking to expand into sales, looking for some advice. Aware of most of the requirements as being in the industry, however things such as offering finance and common things that are often overlooked would be helpful. cheers