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  1. well seeing as I never got a mention in the dispatches I'm out
  2. well I'm sorry but the thought of getting in a van with cupboards in that had an unknown occupant in last week and had a few shits in the bog is bottom of my to do lists no matter how much pledge you used we've also got a big recession sweeping our way/ Brexit /and of course have 2 pints in Scotland and your over the drink drive level,this is why I dont go up there anymore sounds a plan go for it remember though no matter what you might read in the daily smell the suits will want their money back eventually come what may as vicky used to say
  3. yep you can't beat an ambiguous answer from a government dept for clear as mud answers
  4. whilst all this looks good unless it also states this is in addition to your rights under cra I would suggest it's a restrictive practise and not an Avenue I would like to explore
  5. 1st june 2020 neither definitions I hope have a good day you all
  6. I must stress I dont advertise 7 day money back, I'm not mad yet
  7. I've done it since cra came out not used it but it saves hassle 29 days down the line, I've always thought I electronically send log books off after 7 full days and tell customers this too so they know where they stand
  8. went to the fish shop last night wife queued, I stayed in car, she took cash and card just in case they only take cash they have all the gear up/ distancing /in and all the right stickers gave her change I would rather it was card payment only she had no gloves on either apparently so wraps chips/ take money /put money in till /give you someone else's change I won't be going back for some time
  9. you say you are going to do it part time and from home so you have to put yourself in the seat of the customer why would I want to go to someone's home at this time to buy a car when I might just catch covid 19 from the seller his family the dog or even his next door neighbour coughing over the fence so a warranty is a bit of a USPS therefore its up to you and what the customers perspective of you is would you go to you and lash the cash
  10. love it you say hes retired but his old property is selling mobility scooters, maybe he still has a finger in the pie?
  11. vat decrease (temporarily say 6 months) it's the only way to add stimulus across all boards of business we are free to set the rate once december comes
  12. I watched his zoom and liked him but dont understand why he would promote autotrader,now go back to 1988 and I would have held the semi automatic for them as they broke the local paper monopoly frightening to believe they now take this position and in my opinion abuse it now we have President Trump saying twitter is abusing its position I agree after I'm dead I firmly believe big business is going to override government be afraid