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  1. Hi guys new to the forum here and apologies in advance if you experienced people have answered these questions many times before i need advice on a few things jumbled up below - i am looking to start of by stocking 6 - 8 cars at a time and would be looking to sell cars between the value of £1000 to £3 - £4000 currently all my stock is bought privately from sites like gumtree and fb marketplace.. will auctions be worth it for me knowing the price range of cars i will be selling? i know that franchised dealers already have agreements in place with independent dealers to purchase all their part exchange vehicles, what would be the best way for me to form a relationship with a dealer to start taking some of their px cars? i will be selling cars that usually between 8 and 12 years old so can i pick up these from dealers that take px? i will start by working from home until i am big enough to warrant buying a unit.. who is the best warranty company to use that actually pays out as i want to build a reputable brand with returning customers. my trade insurance is coming to £5k for the first year due to a previous conviction but i am more than happy to pay this as i want to do things the right way. i guess i am seeking advice from the experienced players in the field to just guide me and tell me if what i am going to do is the right thing for me moving forward. thanks for your help in advanced all responses are truly appreciated