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  1. Thanks EPV, appreciate your help.
  2. Agree this is less than ideal but the fact its been left 5 months to sort is leaving a suspicious feeling about. We do things right and never tend to challenge scenarios like this, hence the reason I'm asking for some advice. I think we'll look toward a cashback or negotiation on repurchase. Thanks for your help all. This is where I was at, but I didn't know where the law stood behind which party was responsible for the check
  3. His initial requirement read: Hi, do you have the registration number of this car so that I can check if it is ULEZ compliant in London? So he mentions he's going to check himself about ULEZ. Our reply was "The car's registration is GJ15 XXX and is ULEZ compliant."
  4. I've double checked the ULEZ compliant vehicles and there are no Land Rover's that meet the criteria (not surprisingly) It's a customers responsibility to check tax, insurance etc so can't imagine why they wouldn't be checking if they could drive it in certain zones. Especially someone who lives in London! We're thinking he's asked the question specifically for this reason, only costs him 25 quid in fines to cruise around in a Range Rover for 5 months and get a full refund? What a deal. Honest mistake from sales person, you can guarantee it will never happen again thats for sure. We havent responded to first email yet before we got some advice. Its a Range Rover Sport with about 50k mileage on it - what makes the situation worse is the fact it was a sale or return vehicle and the former owners have already been paid out. I think its a quick attempt at calling a dealers bluff personally but didn't know which side the letter of the law would support.
  5. Hi all, Have a legal related question, could do with some advice to see if we're being had over. We sold a Range Rover to a customer from London, during the negotiation the sales person involved noted (on email) that the car was ULEV compliant. 5 months forward, the customer is trying to return the car for a full refund, noting 2 £12.50 charges they had received for driving in these ULEZ zones. Now as the owner as added mileage to the car and depreciated its value, we were wondering what our legal options are with this. Many thanks in advance, J.
  6. Thanks Grant, will look into that.
  7. Thanks fort the recommendation Mark but dealership works using Mac OS and VT requires windows.
  8. How many dealers on here are using these Dealer Management Systems and if so, are there any you would recommend. Currently looking into Dragon2000 as they appear to have a method of importing eBay leads which is my main concern as the messaging system on there is pretty useless and they dont approve of sharing emails.
  9. Hi all, Bit of a vague question here... Do you dealers try and work to a certain percentage of outgoing's assigned to garages for vehicle repairs? I know some will take all of this in house to keep costs down but it just isn't an option in my case and I feel like costs are miles above where they should be. Now, I appreciate this will fluctuate dependent on the kind of stock you're buying but just looking for a rough idea. Cheers, J.
  10. This is where I'm heading I think. Can't imagine boycotting AT all together but there's definitely space to be pushing Facebook a lot more than currently and reduce budgets elsewhere. Thanks for your help anyway! Yeah, feels like a trial and error process but always seems like AT are exploiting their position.
  11. Hi, Apologies, I’ll look around. Cheers!
  12. Hi all, First time poster here. I've recently taken over the digital marketing efforts of an independent dealer and have begun reviewing the ROI of platforms such as Auto Trader. For its cost per month, it doesn't provide anywhere near the value of organic search/social or paid search/social. Do many dealers on here run reduced marketing on AutoTrader and if so, can you still generate enough leads? Cheers in advance for any advice.