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  1. For those interested in reporting what's happening at the sharp end of the industry - Click here As we are now firmly in September and the end of Q3 - focus is very much of used stock availability and the balance between supply and demand. Impact of WLTP on used car supply through the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 remains to be seen. For July's market overview, please click the link below. Click here Thanks in advance and feel free to share.
  2. Thanks, RH Trading, very useful and interesting. I'm involved a little as a none voting advisor these days, as I need to remain impartial.
  3. Always here NOACROSS and it's my name and picture (yes corporate unfortunately on here)n :-) More than happy to have telephone or email conversations and invite forum members to feedback distributions and include in the monthly survey. Hope that helps. Philip
  4. That is always an interesting debate but essentially an auctions job is to maximise the return of the vehicle but I know what you mean - as its a balance between reflecting the market and predicting it. The petrol and diesel are again interesting, as we know that it's all about supply and demand, and with the continual decline of diesel in the new car market and focus on petrol, the balance will shift. I've always reported that there is a demand for diesel in the dealer retail market and values will and are remaining strong - obviously for the right models which should be a diesel for the right journey and driver.
  5. Thanks, Arfur much appreciated. For clarity and hope it helps, I will try and respond when applicable to constructive and rational questions - not just banter or obvious sarcasm. I want to share more insight on this forum as I used to do when it initially launched, as its where you can gather reality and not 'fluffy' political responses which have an agenda. On this occasion, I forgot to have the notification option tagged. Cheers again and always here to represent ALL the industry. Thanks again, Philip
  6. Thanks, Umesh - as you know I never want to forget the guys at the sharp end of the industry and always here to support where possible and raise questions that need asking.
  7. Thanks, Trade Vet - any insight from those at the front line is appreciated, in particular, constructive and none-cynical. It is, without doubt, a diverse industry we operate within and I want to ensure that any feedback or opinion I offer is reflecting all the industry and not just those at the top or with the biggest overdraft. Mark101 and DCS01 - there seems to be a lot going on around supply but not very well communicated. Rumors of pre-registration but over the last few months by some OEMs but others are doing one-off large deals. The risk is, that if new cars are not available to generate the income, then the pressure in the used car market will increase and demand for the 'ready to retail' will become tougher, plus if there are fewer retail deals with good quality retail part-exchanges, then those guys will also be in the wholesale market buying stock. This coupled with the impact in the Lease/CH sector from WLTP due to the shortage of new cars, the de-fleet volumes could also be impacted. It's a positive market in used cars at the minute but going to challenge everyone to find the stock at the right price to make a margin.
  8. Any pain points or opportunities ahead of the September market? Is stock supply holding relative to demand? Will August finish ahead or behind 2017? How would you describe the overall market?
  9. With a great deal challenging the industry as we approach the end of the 2nd quarter of the year. Reports across the network are very diverse with regards the new and used activity, although in general as always proving resilience to the external pressures. As you will notice, I have maintained the core of these surveys, as the trends and analysis remain the key market indicators for the industry. I have however expanded the coverage of sentiment and will review monthly, and incorporate key industry topics, as they become relevant. Please feel free to comment where relevant, as the individual views/sentiments are very useful to understand the trends in more detail.If I can support with any specific market feedback/insight, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, and I will certainly endeavor to assist where possible.Please feel free to share through the industry forms and media platforms and appreciating the timing, any participation is gratefully received. I will attempt to close the Survey this Wednesday 6th June. Click here
  10. Interesting Andy - I would be interested to know and feedback to the relevant colleague why you think this? On another note, how is the market - trading good or bad in general??
  11. How is the market performing? Used cars? New Cars? Margins? Supply? How would you describe both the opportunities and challenges currently facing you, with values heading into June slightly ahead of last year in the main but some pressures in the executive models? Below are a couple of links to our latest market reports: Manheim a vision for the future of remarketing Cox Automotive Market Overview - April 2018
  12. Look forward to it James, my neck of the woods :-) Fantastic opportunity for hosting clients and networking surrounding the days event.
  13. Think I'm at The Premier Inn
  14. I'll be there Umesh, not sure about hotel as yet - but it's something I need to arrange too.