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  1. How old was she? I'm surprised she came by herself. It swings either way, they're either clueless and just want gadgets (and pray that you have them or they walk), or they're overcautious and won't listen to sense. snaptube telegram web
  2. Hope you did her over on the px price. Only the parents to blame imo if you raise a child that sheltered of responsibility and awareness. Sarkari Result Pnr Status
  3. its looking good lol Lucky Patcher Kodi nox
  4. If you incorporate sourcing and selling cars into your grinding routine effectively, you can make around $420k/hr. (nope, not a typo/joke!) Basically, once you have every low/mid-end car in your warehouse Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  5. adomanim


    Where did you buy the car Sarkari Result Pnr Status from?
  6. I too have just moved from a bmw so good to know it's just as good.... was it a perfect fit ??... read one or two snaptube telegram web stick out a couple of mk5 over standard audi units